Historic WPA Posters Tell the Story of America Exhibit at the Aurora History Museum

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July 17, 2014

From: Aurora History Museum

Aurora, CO -- In the depths of America's Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt implemented his New Deal, a series of programs to help relieve unemployment and attempt to jumpstart the economy. One program created from this funding was the Work Projects Administration (WPA) that provided jobs for millions of Americans between 1935 and 1943.
The Aurora History Museum proudly hosts an exceptional exhibit of WPA posters. The 30 color posters in this exhibit are from the Library of Congress WPA Poster Collection. They were chosen out of the 907 in the Library of Congress's collection.
Many people know the WPA today for all the roads, buildings, and parks built by these workers. The WPA was also an umbrella program overseeing many artistic and literary projects such as the Federal Theater Project and Federal Writer's Project (FAP). The FAP employed over 5,300 artists. These artists worked from studios and art centers across the country to produce posters, sculptures and murals for WPA-sponsored programs. The FAP artists also taught classes and researched American material culture. Sometimes judged as commercial advertising rather than fine art, these posters are a reflection of the style and social messages of the time period.

Date: Now through September 28, 2014

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