ICYMI: Far-Right Extremist Group Long Island Loud Majority Relocates HQ After Previous Landlord Refused to Back Zeldin

Government and Politics

September 18, 2022

NEW YORK, NY - Long Island Loud Majority (LILM), an anti-government extremist group that attended the January 6th insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, packed their bags and moved to a new headquarters in Deer Park, where they will be hosting a grand opening this weekend. In a nod to their close friend and ally, Lee Zeldin, the extremist group relocated after the owner of their former HQ refused to support the Republican nominee in the primary.

The Long Island Loud Majority has stumped for Zeldin for more than a year and in return, Zeldin supported and legitimized the extremist group even after they were labeled an anti-government group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Since then, Zeldin and LILM members have stood in lock step together. One of LILM’s co-founders, Kevin Smith, was paid to collect signatures to get Zeldin on a third-party line—an effort that landed his campaign in hot water after it was revealed that more than 11,000 signatures had been fraudulently photocopied and submitted.

Newsday (Daily Point): Loud Majority finds home in Deer Park

For much of the first two years of its existence, the MAGA political group Long Island Loud Majority held its bigger events at the America First Warehouse in Ronkonkoma. That alliance ended when LILM went all in for Rep. Lee Zeldin in the Republican gubernatorial primary this summer and the owner of the warehouse got behind Andrew Giuliani.

Now LILM is hosting its own space in Deer Park, with an official grand opening slated for Sunday. LILM co-founders Sean Farash and Kevin Smith will host their podcast/television show in a space that Smith said Thursday can hold about 100 people. Tickets are $25.

The duo are already hosting their daily show, without a live audience, from the approximately 4,000-square-foot building, which Smith said has been vacant for quite some time, but was reputedly last a dentist’s office.

Both Smith and Farash have quit their jobs to work full-time to grow LILM, which Smith said is an LLC. They’ve been aggressive about marketing conservative-themed merchandise and making public appearances, and many of their compatriots, like Huntington Young Republican Jamie Silvestri, who was working at the Deer Park building Thursday, are also trying to help grow the operation.

Smith said the place will be more of a hangout where people can get together to watch football games or do political work, and no alcohol is going to be sold, even at events like show tapings. LILM recently screened the anti-Joe Biden movie “My Son Hunter,” which is being distributed by Breitbart News.

“We give people bottles of water,” he said.

And, Smith said, the show is expanding its reach, with a deal to appear on internet television channel “Live From America” and distribution on Rumble, the Dan Bongino-backed and mostly conservative internet alternative to YouTube.