ICYMI: Hearst CT Endorses Gov Lamont for Reelection

Government and Politics

November 1, 2022

Hartford, CT — Today, Hearst Connecticut Media endorsed Governor Ned Lamont for reelection, stating “Lamont deserves a second term as governor.”

After a successful first term navigating the COVID pandemic and turning our state’s economy around, creating record surpluses, and historic investments in education, work training, and public safety – the editorial board writes “Lamont deserves credit for the turnaround.”

    “At the same time, something happened with the state economy. Rather than continue in the doldrums, Connecticut started paying off its long-term debts. Housing prices soared as people moved in from around the region. Suddenly businesses were saying they lacked enough people to fill jobs, which is, compared to the alternative, a good problem to have.

    Lamont deserves credit for the turnaround. Though much of the fiscal prudence started under his predecessor, Lamont has resisted the urge to spend the state’s financial windfall on politically popular programs that might have boosted his standing but done nothing for the state’s long-term outlook.”

The Hearst Connecticut Media Editorial Board also credited the Governor’s leadership during the pandemic:

    “The governor’s decision to tell it like it is was just what the state needed. Lamont offered a comforting voice to a state facing its worst fears. He acted decisively, with powers granted by the General Assembly, to keep people as safe as possible.”

And closed by urging Connecticut voters to support Governor Lamont’s re-election:

    “The governor has led us through some difficult days, and has the state somehow looking stronger on the other side of it. He earns our endorsement for a second term as governor.”