ICYMI - KOCO News 5: Oklahoma Republicans Seek Nominee to Replace Senate Jim Inhofe

Government and Politics

June 17, 2022

“On June 28, Oklahoma Republicans will choose their nominee to replace U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe who is stepping down, or at least choose the two people who will face off in a runoff…
“[Luke] Holland might be the most influential Republican who, until recently, many may have not heard of. [Jim] Inhofe has endorsed his former right-hand man, who has made restoring the nation’s values a centerpiece of his run for office.
“‘I think that my focus on restoring our freedoms and our Christian values are what set me apart and that focus on really getting the best of America back,’ Holland said.
“Holland said opposing President Joe Biden’s agenda will unleash Americans’ freedoms, starting with addressing spending and inflation…
“He also believes in a strong military to counter threats from Russia and China.
“‘Peace through strength is the old Reagan mantra,’ Holland said.”
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About Luke Holland

Luke is a fourth generation Oklahoman who believes America is the greatest country on earth and that our best days are yet to come. He recognizes that the trial of our time is putting a stop to the rush to socialism in America and to keep Communist China from accomplishing its goal to be the world leader. 
Luke’s conservative beliefs are grounded in his Christian faith, individual liberty, limited government and American Exceptionalism. 
As Senator, Luke will hold Joe Biden accountable, defend the gains made under Donald Trump and fight to get the America first agenda back on track. He will undo the bad deals made under the Biden Administration and get America moving in the right direction, one based on freedom and our Christian ideals.
Luke is proud to have the endorsement of Senator Inhofe, with whom he’s worked alongside for years fighting socialists in Washington, standing up for our freedoms, and working to pass the Trump agenda.