Important Storm Information from the First Selectman

Schools and Libraries

May 23, 2018

From: Brookfield Library


In order for the town and its residents to be eligible for any FEMA funding, the Town, the State and President Trump all must all declare Connecticut a disaster zone. The Town and the State have already declared Brookfield a disaster zone and we are working on getting the President to do so. At the current time, each resident is responsible for clearing their own property. Please do not drag brush to the street as it can interfere with our utility crews who have to reconnect power. The Board of Selectmen and Board of Finance will meet to discuss ways that the town can help with log and large debris removal. We will inform you as more information becomes available. Brookfield needs your assistance as we apply for FEMA Disaster zone status and funding. In order to substantiate our claims, we are asking residential and businesses property owners to submit picture(s) of damage to any structure on your property, along with the address pictured, and a description of the extent of damage sustained. All submissions should be sent to Thank you in advance


Brookfield Storm Recovery Efforts continued through last night and today and we're able to report significant progress. As of 4 p.m. today, 80% of residents have had their power restored. Eversource set over 125 poles on Sunday, and expects the majority of the poles to be reset by midnight Monday. All inquiries about power restoration should be directed to Eversource at 1- 800-286-2000. You can find updated outage information on the Eversource website. Eversource Crews from around the region, in conjunction with the Brookfield Public Works Crew and assistance from the National Guard, have been working tirelessly to remove trees from roadways, in order to repair damage and restore power. Town offices, the Senior Center and the Library are open during normal business hours and available as charging stations with wi-fi. Showers and charging stations are available at the Greenknoll YMCA during regular business hours. Please bring your own toiletries.


Brookfield Public Schools are closed Tuesday, May 22, because there are multiple stretches of dangerous roadway and unsafe bus stops. Town crews continue working on the town right of ways to make all of our roads accessible for our school buses to pass safely. This storm damage means that school will be canceled for a total of 5 days. To meet the required state law of 180 days of school, our last day of school is now scheduled for Friday, June 29. Superintendent John Barile is in the process of requesting a onetime waiver excluding Brookfield from this requirement for the 2017-2018 school year from the CT State Department of Education.

BHS Graduation remains scheduled for Saturday, June 23. Questions regarding high school graduation, activities or athletics should be directed to the administration or specific team. Our K-8 school principals are already developing plans to address the schedule implications for the many spring/year end activities.


Please use caution with generators and be sure they are away from windows and doors. Check your stove tops and other appliances to be sure they are all turned off and won't cause a fire when power returns. Be sure your Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector batteries are fresh. Please check your chimney caps to be sure they are not completely covering the stack, as this could pose another issue. Check on your neighbors to be sure they are safe. If you have damaged/vacant homes in your neighborhood and notice any suspicious activity, please report them to the police. In any Emergency - Dial 911. For non-emergency calls, please call (203)775-2575.


All building and/or structural damage questions should be directed to the Building Department, 203-775-7305. Building Officials are currently going to the heavily affected areas assessing damages. Having entered recovery mode, many residents are hiring contractors. Eversource has engaged with some electrical contractors to assist with repairing the damage to electric service (service entrance cable and meter box) on houses. Ask them to show you their identification; if you have any concerns, please call the police non-emergency number, 203-775-2575. We have received several reports of door-to-door solicitation offering tree services, often at extremely inflated prices. We would like to remind all residents to be wary of people trying to use the disaster as a means to profit. In order to offer services, a business is required to first visit Town Hall and submit their identification to apply for a solicitation permit. If someone comes to your door, ask to see their Town of Brookfield permit. If they cannot or will not show it to you, please report them to the Brookfield Police Department using its non-emergency line at 203-775- 2575.

The Town Brush Yard, located between Town Hall and the Fire Department, is open for residents to drop off brush. The yard can take only brush, not logs. The emergency schedule is seven days a week, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Town Brush Yard is for Brookfield residential use only - no contractors allowed. The Still River Greenway and the Gurski Homestead Property remain closed. This is for your safety.

Unfortunately, due to the uncertainty of road conditions, the need for more tree line work, and at the request of our Emergency Management Team, the Memorial Day Parade has been cancelled. We will hold the Memorial event at Williams Park as scheduled and the Library will be open and hosting family related events on its Lawn. The parade will be rescheduled at a time to be determined; we will pass along information as it becomes available. Please check the town's website, and the Brookfield Police Department Facebook page regularly for ongoing updates and information regarding restoration and recovery efforts. I continue to be most appreciative of the dedication and hard work of everyone, including our Fire and Police Departments, town departments and our wonderful residents. As I have walked a number of neighborhoods and met with many of you, I am reminded again of why Brookfield is such a wonderful town.