Jacob Burns Film Center Celebrates Blue Sky Studios, Creators of Ice Age, Robots, and Rio

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September 7, 2012

From: Jacob Burns Film Center
Pleasantville, NY---The Jacob Burns Film Center (JBFC) is collaborating with the Katonah Museum of Art (KMA) to Celebrate Blue Sky Studios. KMA is presenting "Ice Age to the Digital Age: The 3D Animation of Blue Sky Studios," a Blue Sky Studios exhibition . Starting in September, the JBFC is hosting Blue Sky Studios related workshops, screenings, and special opportunities for families, teachers, and volunteers. Throughout the JBFC and KMA Blue Skies Studios celebration, members of one institution will receive member discounts at the other (unless otherwise stated).

One highlight of the program is "An Evening with Chris Wedge" at the JBFC Theater. Wedge is the cofounder and VP of Creative Development at Blue Sky Studios and the director of such films as Ice Age and Robots. Bunny, which he wrote and directed, won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film. Wedge is coming to JBFC to present a selection of short films and to discuss the art of animation. Check burnsfilmcenter.org for more information.

In conjunction with KMA's "Ice Age to the Digital Age" exhibition, JBFC is hosting Blue Sky Studios related classes at its Media Arts Lab. A member of the Blue Sky Studios team will participate in each of these special workshops. Sessions include "The Sounds of Blue Sky Studios," where students recreate the voice and sound effects of an animated Blue Sky film, "Voice Acting" taught by Chris Wedge, "The Art of Storyboarding," taught by professional storyboard artists from Blue Sky Studios, and "A Taste of Animation," in which Blue Sky Studio artists help students create short, stop-motion animated films. In addition, JBFC is screening the Blue Sky Studios films Robots, Rio, and Horton Hears a Who! each weekend in October. For dates and times, visit the Movies for Kids page on the JBFC website. For a full list of screenings, workshops, and events, visit the Blue Sky Studios page on our website.

JBFC and KMA have also teamed up to produce "Here and There Animation Workshops with Blue Sky Studios." These daylong programs begin at the KMA, where students will work with Blue Sky artists to develop their own stories and characters. After lunch, they'll take the train to the JBFC's Media Arts Lab in Pleasantville, where they'll bring their stories to life in original short media projects. Each workshop addresses a different aspect of animation creation. All "Here and There" workshops are 10:00 am-noon at KMA, 1:30-3:30 pm at JBFC. Participants must commit to the entire day. A KMA or JBFC staff member will accompany the students on the train from Katonah to Pleasantville.

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