Jacob Burns Film Center Takes Another Step Forward In Responding To The Need To Redefine Literacy

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October 21, 2014

From: Jacob Burns Film Center

Traditional Literacy Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking Expanded to Include Viewing and Creating

Pleasantville, NY - The Jacob Burns Film Center (JBFC) announces the launch of a groundbreaking interactive digital education platform. The new website features informative and engaging applications for the general public, as well as resources especially designed for classroom use. With the vast majority of information today being delivered visually, the JBFC continues its commitment to developing programs that build on traditional literacies of reading, writing, listening, and speaking to develop a mastery of viewing, creating, and interpreting the screen images that surround us.

"JBFC's education platform is the culmination of thirteen years of designing and implementing innovative programs for students of all ages," said Emily Keating, JBFC Director of Education. "The website reflects what we've learned from teachers about effective and engaging classroom instruction, and the tools we wish we had as educators ourselves. We designed the website with our diverse community of youth, teens, adults, educators, parents, film lovers, and media makers in mind."

Two unique public features of the website are the first of their kind:

Visual Glossary Places film vocabulary in context using clips and descriptions to show how these concepts and techniques create iconic imagery, memorable characters, and powerful stories.

View Now Do Now Short, engaging activities that use photo, text, or video to inspire thought and media creation. These mini-projects develop one of ten core literacy concepts, from image to style.

"The Visual Glossary is not only a celebration of film, but a terrific teaching tool," said Janet Maslin, JBFC President. "Its elegant design transforms the viewing experience by illustrating film terminology and techniques, all the while deepening one's appreciation for the fundamentals of cinema."

Two additional resources of the platform have been designed specifically to further the JBFC's commitment to supporting educators in Pre-K to grade 12 classrooms:

JBFC Visual Literacy Learning Framework The foundation for the Pre-K to grade 12 curriculum, articulating a definition for visual and aural fluency by expanding traditional literacy concepts, vocabulary, and critical and creative thinking skills to include the vast media world that lies beyond the printed page.

Image, Sound, and Story Curriculum A series of hands-on projects that emphasize process, challenge-based learning, collaboration, and reflection. Designed to integrate with English Language Arts content, all projects are aligned with Common Core Standards and the JBFC Visual Literacy Learning Framework. It provides a scaffolded progression to support learners as they develop their visual and aural communication skills.

The website was created by S+7, an interactive and emerging technologies practice founded by Daniel Liss. S+7 focuses on web, mobile, and filmmaking platforms. With an enduring and proven passion for the power of images and storytelling, the studio builds unique experiences to surprise and immerse participants. S+7 focuses on technology that tells stories, technology that creates narratives of meaning, and first and foremost, on determining just the right amount of technology to do these things.