Jewish and Israeli Film Festival 2017

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December 29, 2016

From: Jewish and Israeli Film Festival

Schedule of Events:

Saturday February 4, 2017

8pm Mr. Predictable

Opening Night Event

Doors open at 7:30pm
2016 | Romantic Comedy | 103 Minutes | Roee Florentin | Hebrew

In this rollicking rom-com, responsible Adi finds himself overlooked and unvalued nearly every day of his life. When he meets wild Natalia, his whole world is flipped upside down, and he has to choose between love and reason.

Opening night features: 1 complimentary drink per person, dessert reception, & valet parking included.

Location: 20th Century Theater

Monday, February 6, 2017

7:30pm Fever At Dawn

2016 | Drama - Holocaust | 110 Minutes | Péter Gárdos | Hungarian/Hebrew

After surviving the Holocaust, Miklós is living in a Swedish rehabilitation camp and has been given a terminal diagnosis. Determined to find love, he sends letters to complete strangers with the hope that someone will respond.

In partnership with The Center for Holocaust & Humanity Education

Location: Mariemont Theatre

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

7:30pm Who's Gonna Love Me Now

2016 | LGBTQ | 84 Minutes | Tomer Heymann & Barak Heymann | Hebrew/English

Saar is a gay man living in London, where he found refuge from the religious kibbutz of his youth. Since his HIV diagnosis, Saar has craved his family's love, while they struggle with fear and prejudice. In a life he never planned for, will he be able to find his way home to Israel?

Special Feature: Pre-movie performance by the Männerchor, an elite ensemble made up of members of the Cincinnati Men's Chorus.

In partnership with the Cincinnati Men's Chorus

Location: Esquire Theatre

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

7:30pm A Heartbeat Away

2016 | Documentary | 55 Minutes | Tal Barda & Noam Pinchas | Hebrew/English/Swahili

Israeli cardiologist Dr. Akiva Tamir and his team perform heart surgeries in Tanzania, and confront the conflicts between science and faith as they determine if six-year old Julius is a candidate for life-saving treatment. This stirring documentary explores human drama, life, and death.

Special Feature: Dr. David Cooper, Medical Director of the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Cincinnati Children's Hospital, will share his experiences serving on medical missions in developing countries.

In partnership with the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Location: Kenwood Theatre

Thursday, February 9, 2017

7:30pm The Last Mentsch

2014 | Drama | 93 Minutes | Pierre-Henry Salfati | German/Yiddish/Hebrew/Hungarian

Marcus, a solitary Holocaust Survivor, must find a way to prove his identity in order to be buried in a Jewish cemetery. With the help of a brash young woman, they embark upon a life changing journey.

Special Feature at both screenings: Short film screening of Broken Branches.

Thursday's Screening: In partnership with Jewish Cemeteries of Greater Cincinnati and The Center for Holocaust & Humanity Education.

Sunday's Screening: In partnership with Create Your Jewish Legacy and the Silver Circle Society of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, and Jewish Family Service Center for Holocaust Survivors.

Sunday Special Feature: Discussion led by Gail G. Ziegler, LISW-S, Senior Manager at Jewish Family Service Center for Holocaust Survivors.

Location: Mariemont Theatre

Sunday, February 19, 2017

3pm The Last Mentsch

Location: Mayerson JCC

Sunday, February 12, 2017

3pm Persona Non Grata

2015 | Narrative - Holocaust | 139 Minutes | Cellin Gluck | English/Japanese

This drama follows the real-life story of Japanese consul Chiune Sugihara, who issued transit visas to European refugees during WWII. By casting aside his country's culture and values to follow his morals, Sugihara saved the lives of over 6,000 Jews.

In partnership with The Center for Holocaust & Humanity Education and the Japan America Society of Greater Cincinnati.

Location: Kenwood Theatre

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

7:30pm Moos

2016 | Comedy - Romance | 91 Minutes | Job Gosschalk | Dutch

In this offbeat comedy, Moos is faced with obstacles on her way to greatness. Between the handsome singing teacher, her father's new girlfriend, and the fact that she was denied entrance to the performing arts school, Moos has to find her confidence to realize her future.

Location: Kenwood Theatre

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

7:30pm Mr. Gaga

2015 | Documentary | 100 Minutes | Tomer Heymann | Hebrew with English subtitles

Israeli choreographer Ohad Naharin has stunned and captivated the world with his passion and talent. Known for his dance style called "Gaga," Naharin has left an indelible mark on the global stage. Eight years in the making, this documentary uses rehearsal and archival footage to depict his creative journey.

Special Feature: Victoria Morgan, Artistic Director and CEO of the Cincinnati Ballet, will speak after the film.

In partnership with the Cincinnati Ballet

Location: Kenwood Theatre

Thursday, February 16, 2017

7:30pm Wounded Land

2015 | Drama | 80 Minutes | Erez Tadmor | Hebrew

In this taut, critically-acclaimed drama, police officer Kobi Amar and his Region Commander Yehuda Neumann find themselves at odds. After years of service together, they are plunged into a tumultuous night after a terrorist bombing. Their moral and professional values are at stake, as well as their dedicated friendship.

Special Feature: Discussion led by University of Cincinnati professor Gila Safren-Naveh, The Jewish Foundation of Cincinnati Endowed Chair, and the Head of the Department of Judaic Studies.

In partnership with University of Cincinnati - Department of Judaic Studies.

Location: Mariemont Theatre

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

7:30pm Time to Say Goodbye

2015 | Comedy - Drama | 82 Minutes | Viviane Andereggen | German

In this quirky coming-of-age film, Simon Grunberg is preparing for his bar mitzvah and has a lot on his mind. With the recent separation of his parents, he finds himself in a family divided… and lovesick for his new rabbi.

Special Feature: Short film screening of Hannah Cohen's Holy Communion.

Location: Mariemont Theatre

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

7:30pm A.K.A. Nadia

2015 | Drama | 115 Minutes | Tova Ascher | Hebrew/Arabic

20 years ago, Palestinian Nadia took on the identity of a Jewish woman named Maya. Now with an established career and family, her past has caught up with her. Nadia is forced to face conflicts of family, culture, and religion against a tense political backdrop.

Location: Esquire Theatre

Thursday, February 23, 2017

7:30pm Closing Night Event| On The Map

2016 | Documentary | 85 Minutes | Dani Menkin | Hebrew/English

This inspiring documentary tells the story of the 1977 Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team. Faced with repeated challenges, the team gathered the courage and strength to become international champions - putting Israel "on the map."

Special Feature: Appearance and discussion with the film's director, Dani Menkin, and Tal Brody, leading member of the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team featured in this film.

In partnership with Cincinnati Hillel and Mayerson JCC Young Professionals.

Location: 20th Century Theater

Date: Saturday February 4, 2017 - Thursday, February 23, 2017

20th Century Theater
3021 Madison Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45201

Mariemont Theatre
6906 Wooster Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45201

Esquire Theatre
320 Ludlow Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45201

Kenwood Theatre
7815 Kenwood Road
Cincinnati, OH 45201

Mayerson Jewish Community Center
8485 Ridge Road
Cincinnati, OH 45201

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