Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns Disability News Message - November 30, 2022

Government and Politics

November 30, 2022

From: Kansas Governor Laura Kelly

The Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) has posted the updated Final Settings Rule Transition Plan for public comments.  The file they sent with instructions is attached below.  If there are accessibility problems with the file, please contact Anita Flewelling at anita.flewelling@ks.gov.

The November Job Accommodation Network (JAN) newsletter is available online. 

Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP) Business Sense

Neurodiversity at Work

Is your business looking for ways to tap into the skills and talents of neurodivergent workers? Check out the Neurodiversity in the Workplace Toolkit, a resource developed by the ODEP-funded Employer Assistance and Resource Network on Disability Inclusion (EARN). Recently updated with new content and features, the toolkit helps businesses learn more about neurodiversity and how to recruit, hire, retain and advance neurodivergent people.

The term "neurodivergent" has many definitions. According to the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, it refers to people "whose brain functions differ from those who are neurologically typical, or neurotypical." This can include individuals with conditions such as autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, Tourette's syndrome, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, and intellectual disability.

Organizations of all sizes and in all industries can benefit from supporting neurodiversity and capitalizing on the talents of neurodivergent workers. While no two neurodivergent people are alike, they can bring useful skills and perspectives to the workplace, and help employers look at problems in new ways.

The free, easy-to-navigate toolkit explores these and other benefits of hiring neurodivergent people, and features profiles of leading companies and partners that have launched neurodiversity hiring initiatives. It also offers enhanced sections on recruiting and hiring neurodivergent candidates as well as accommodating and managing neurodivergent employees. In addition, the toolkit includes a neurodiversity checklist summarizing lessons learned from successful neurodiversity hiring programs and a library of articles, blogs, videos and podcasts on the topic.
To learn more, visit the Neurodiversity in the Workplace Toolkit.

Job Vacancy Announcements

The Intrust Bank job vacancy listing is attached below for your use. Please feel free to share. 

Blue Cross/Blue Shield has posted new job vacancy announcements on their website. Please feel free to share.