Keep Vulnerable Seniors in Your Heart - A Message from Meals on Wheels America

Clubs and Organizations

March 6, 2019

February is American Heart Month and we know you understand the importance of providing older Americans with nutritious meals that keep them healthy and thriving.

Seniors like 86-year-old Marion and his 93-year-old wife, Elsie. Unexpected heart complications struck both recently. It started when Marion, who lost his eyesight 20 years ago, suffered a heart attack. Needing extra care during his recovery, Elsie stepped up to help him. But that's when Elsie herself fell victim to a stroke.

Overwhelmed with their new health realities, they turned to Meals on Wheels for support.

Now they can rest assured that the meals prepared for them and delivered to their door will meet the dietary guidelines to support their health and recovery.

Donate today to give seniors like Marion and Elsie the nutrients they deserve.

Meals on Wheels programs nationwide are committed, during American Heart Month and every day, to providing seniors with a healthy diet. And research proves that 80% of these clients report eating healthier and feeling better because of the support they receive every day.

There are millions who are waiting for our services.

But we cannot do it alone. Make a donation from the heart, today.