Landsman Releases Final Ad of the Cycle: Tattoo

Government and Politics

November 1, 2022

CINCINNATI — Landsman for Congress released their final ad in OH-01, titled Tattoo.

Landsman: “I’ve spent my career fighting for children and families. When you build a coalition of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, you can actually get big things done. That’s what we did with the Cincinnati Preschool Promise, and our children are better off because of it.

I got this tattoo in my daughter’s handwriting, reminding me to never give up. With the chaos in Washington, I understand why people are losing hope. But we have the power to change our leadership. Vote.”

Ad Transcript:

With all the craziness in Washington, no wonder people are angry.

Here in Cincinnati, I led the effort to help thousands of families afford preschool.

Parents and business leaders listened to each other, and we actually got something done to help people.

It wasn’t easy, so I got this tattoo in my daughter’s handwriting, to remind me to never lose hope.

If you’re mad at Washington, don’t give up.

Use your power to vote.

Change your Congressman.