Larson Highlights the Cost of Climate Crisis on Americans

Government and Politics

September 15, 2022

Washington, D.C. - Today,?Rep. John B. Larson (CT-01)?participated in the Ways and Means Committee Hearing on "Preparing America’s Health Care Infrastructure for the Climate Crisis" and highlighted the cost of not addressing climate change to the American people.   

“I can’t recall a time that we have everybody at a table, and nobody here is a climate denier. Climate change is real. I share the concern some of my colleagues have about the taxpayer that is paying for this. And I want to suggest, what does it cost the taxpayer in terms of- and again, I’m happy to see that everybody believes that decarbonization has to take place.” Larson asked, “So, what is the cost of carbon on the taxpayer? What is the cost of the asthma, the air they breathe, the pollutants, the plastics? What is the cost to the taxpayer there?”  

Dr. Parinda Khatri, Chief Executive Officer of Cherokee Health Systems replied, “Thank you for mentioning the hardworking Americans, people who are experiencing disparities in health and challenges deciding between food and paying their electric bill or gas bill. Those are our patients. We are in the trenches. This is our community, when you talk about that I can tell you we’re in those apartments, in those places with them. And the cost is borne by them. When we think about the impact of not doing what we need to do. People are suffering but people want to live good healthy lives and they’re recognizing whatever is happening now is not working. The cost is borne by those who have the least to give.”

Click here to watch Rep. Larson's full remarks.