Lee Zeldin Silent on Civil Suit Against Donald Trump Alleging Massive Fraud

Government and Politics

September 22, 2022

New York, NY - It’s been nearly 24 hours, and New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin is still silent on the civil lawsuit against Donald Trump alleging massive fraud.

New Yorkers deserve to know whether Lee Zeldin, who has close ties with Trump, would back the disgraced former president. While Zeldin tries to duck questions, the New York Republican Party chair and Republican Attorney General candidate have already weighed in on the lawsuit.

“Given that Lee Zeldin is running for Governor of the State of New York and also has close ties to Donald Trump, New Yorkers deserve to know whether Zeldin would continue to defend the disgraced former president against allegations of massive fraud,” said New York State Democratic Party Chairman Jay S. Jacobs. “Lee Zeldin has stood by Donald Trump since day one, and there’s no question he would put the interests of Trump and his far-right network of fraudsters, insurrectionists, and election deniers ahead of New Yorkers. We must reject the Lee Zeldin-Donald Trump agenda this November.”

Zeldin is a devotee to Donald Trump and the far-right fringe of the Republican Party. Trump headlined a fundraiser for Zeldin earlier this month and supported the disgraced former president for years in Congress, including serving as Trump’s “point man on impeachment” and voting with insurrectionists to throw out the 2020 presidential election results.