Libertarian Party of Wisconsin Joins 45th Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival

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October 9, 2015

The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin participated in the 45th Annual Midwest Marijuana Harvest Fest over the October 3rd and 4th weekend. Libertarian Senate Candidate Phil Anderson, of Fitchburg, spoke at the event about the intrusion of government into the private lives of too many Americans.
For Sunday's march the party distributed over 2000 fest stickers declaring, "War is not Peace - Freedom is not Slavery".
"What society wants at its heart is a peaceful society," says State Party Chair Joe Kexel. "So long as there is a war on drugs there will never be peace."
"People told me the most tragic stories on the campaign trail last year," says 2014 Libertarian Candidate for Governor Robert Burke and designer of this year's sticker. "This isn't freedom; these laws of prohibition against marijuana need to end and records need to be expunged."
The event featured exhibits and vendors including specialists in hemp. The state of Wisconsin was the number two producer of hemp and closed America's last Hemp Mill in 1958. Currently commercial hemp is imported into the United States from a variety of countries including Canada.
State Party Treasurer Jon Augelli sees no reason why Wisconsin doesn't lead the nation back towards commercial hemp production. "When you consider the economic impact the loss of paper mill after paper mill has had on rural Wisconsin it's troubling the legislature can't make this happen."
The Libertarian Party of Wisconsin's Platform of Beliefs says, "Because only actions that infringe on the rights of others can properly be termed "crimes", we favor the repeal of federal, state, and local laws restricting our fundamental freedom to govern our own lives."