Lido School Pays It Forward Students Organize Book Drive for Nicaraguan Students

Schools and Libraries

March 11, 2013

Students in the Long Beach School District’s Lido Elementary School were so touched by the many donations of books and supplies they received after Superstorm Sandy damaged their school that they have decided to pay it forward. Students in grades 3-5 will be conducting a book drive to help the Mobile Library Bus Project of Northern Nicaragua deliver Spanish-language books to children in rural areas of Nicaragua, many of whom who have never even held a book before.


To kick off their Pay It Forward project, Stacey Clark of the Mobile Library Bus Project visited Lido classrooms to show students how the mobile library staff and volunteers load bins of books onto the library bus and venture into the countryside surrounding the Miraflor and Esteli regions of Northern Nicaragua. At each site, children in pre-kindergarten to elementary school can browse and exchange books, as well as participate in other educational and recreational activities.


Lido students will also be writing letters and making handmade bookmarks decorated with phrases like “Leer Es Divertido” (Reading Is Fun) and “Triunfando con Libros” (Being Triumphant with Books). To make their donation more personal, they will send the letters and bookmarks to the children in Nicaragua along with the books they collect.


“After being helped by so many people themselves, our students were excited to be able to show other children that Lido cares,” said teacher Tova Markowitz, who helped organize the drive. “This is an extra-special project for Lido School, since Nicaragua is the home country of a number of our students.”