Lido Students Explore Career Options

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April 8, 2014

What do you want to be when you grow up? Students at Lido School gathered some insight into that age-old question at the annual Career Day.


Third- through fifth-graders heard from 18 professionals on March 27, who volunteered their time to speak to students about their own career paths.  Students learned what it would be like to be an architect, chiropractor, dentist, firefighter, lifeguard, nurse, pizza maker, police officer, surf pro, tae kwon do instructor, wrestler or yoga instructor.


Speakers at the event included Tom Ritzenthaler and Robert Firneis, the architect and engineer who designed and built the new addition and upgrades to Lido School. Students also learned valuable information about career opportunities in nursing from their former school nurse, Lori Field. One of the highlights of the day was learning about how drug- and money-sniffing police dogs are used to assist in law enforcement.


"Career Day provides an opportunity for children to see the endless possibilities that await them in their futures," said Principal Brenda Young. "We want our students to begin to think at an early age about the vast array of career choices available to them when they grow up."