Long Beach High School Dance Recital

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May 16, 2014



The Long Beach High School auditorium became a stage for world dance as students in Long Beach High School dance classes presented their spring recital on May 2. The recital consisted of dance numbers reflecting folk dances, traditional ballet and modern dance movements that students have been learning throughout the year. In addition to numbers by historical choreographers, the program also featured choreography, costume design and staging by students in the International Baccalaureate dance classes and by dance teacher Christianne Donohue. Through their choreography, students were challenged to create movement that enhanced the rhythms, tempos and accents of the music. Each of the student choreographers wrote an artist's statement, which was included in the program. Members of the Sound and Recording Club designed the dramatic lighting for the show.

High School students participate in dance fitness, modern dance and IB dance courses offered through the athletics, physical education and health department. The IB dance course integrates the study of dance performance, composition and analysis. During the course of the year, students explored dance styles from cultures throughout the world. In addition to gaining performance skills, they studied master choreographers from past centuries and learned to compose their own dances through a variety of improvisational techniques and creative projects. By exploring a wide variety of dance forms, from ballet to modern to folk dance, they acquired a well-rounded understanding of the significance of dance in every culture and the pattern of its development throughout the world.

"I am so pleased to be presenting our third annual dance recital," said Ms. Donohue. "My goal, as always, is to share dance as a true performing art to students, faculty and community members. The seniors of the IB dance program have created meaningful choreography. I invite you to watch as their visions become reality in a theatrical setting."

"The high school dance program brings varied groups of students together through a broad variety of dance genres," said Arnold Epstein, director of athletics, physical education and health. "This program gives us a way to creatively celebrate the diversity of our high school.  I look forward to seeing many more students benefit from Ms. Donohue's talent and expertise as the program grows."