Long Beach High School Marching Band Performs at Columbus Day Parade and Newsday Marching Band Festival

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October 22, 2013


The Long Beach High School Marines Marching Band performed in the New York City Columbus Day Parade on Oct. 14. This is the second consecutive year that the band was chosen to be among the select group of 126 bands to perform. To celebrate Long Beach School District's 100th anniversary, the band marched with a banner highlighting this milestone.

Band members, whose uniforms were ruined last year by Superstorm Sandy, sported dazzling new uniforms through the combined efforts of the Board of Education and the Friends of the Arts Sponsor a Marching Marine campaign.

The new uniforms and the spirit of rebuilding and hope they represent were once again on display for all to see when the band performed at the Newsday Marching Band Festival at Hofstra University on the evening of Oct. 17. Students prepared for both performances under the guidance of band director Marino Bragino III and assistant band director Justin Marks.

 "I would like to thank our hardworking parent organization, Friends of the Arts, who together with the Board of Education provided the funding for new uniforms," said Dr. Dale Johansson, the district director of comprehensive arts. "Their generosity made it possible for our Marching Marines to once again make our community proud by performing in these two premier events for high school marching bands."