Long Beach High School Marching Band Performs at Columbus Day Parade & Newsday Marching Band Festival

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October 8, 2012

The Long Beach High School Marines Marching Band had the honor of performing in the New York City Columbus Day Parade on Oct. 8. The band is made up of 220 students, including a horn line of 150, a percussion section that is 30 strong, and a 45-member color guard. To highlight the Long Beach School District's 100th anniversary, the band marched with a banner highlighting this accomplishment. Students work under the direction of band director Marino Bragino III and assistant director Zach Rifkind.

"We have been one of the largest bands on Long Island for many years," said Bragino. "I think they selected us based on our unique size and visual potential."

The Marines have also been chosen as the closing band for the 50th Annual Newsday Marching Band Festival at Hofstra University on Oct. 26. Those interested in attending the event can obtain tickets through the high school music office at 516-897-6500.

"I would like to thank our new parents' organization, Friends of the Arts, which has partnered with the music department to bring the community together to support the success of our program," added Bragino.