Long Beach High School Receives Safe Schools Grant

Schools and Libraries

October 22, 2012

Long Beach High School was one of only 10 schools to receive a Students United for Safe Schools grant from Child Abuse Prevention Services, a Long Island organization dedicated to preventing bullying and child abuse.

Under this grant, CAPS will pilot a Safe Schools initiative at Long Beach High School that uses a holistic approach to reducing bullying by changing peer norms and school culture, providing student and staff training, and offering ongoing support and consultation. Finally, the school's participation in the grant will help develop and introduce new messages about bullying and cyberbullying behaviors to positively reframe the issues and challenge misperceptions. This initiative will also provide the school community with tools and strategies to effectively implement New York State's new anti-harassment and discrimination legislation, the Dignity for All Students Act.

"We are very excited to work with CAPS to ensure that Long Beach High School provides a safe environment that supports learning for all," said Vice Principal Dr. Francine Newman.

Dr. Newman, who applied for the grant, will be working closely with CAPS to administer the SUSS program at Long Beach High School.

This is just one example of the district's ongoing effort to support the social and emotional learning and development of students, from Pre-Kindergarten through high school to motivate them to engage in learning, promote positive peer relationships, develop self-direction and collaborative skills, get along in a pluralist community, avoid risky behaviors, and to find help when feeling sad or hopeless.