Long Beach Middle School Science Symposium

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February 5, 2014


As part of a tradition spanning 40 years, the Long Beach Middle School science symposium continues to provide students with an opportunity to become actively involved in hands-on scientific research. As part of their coursework, sixth-graders completed classroom projects, while seventh- and eighth-graders completed individual or team projects, giving them a taste for the challenges that await them in the high school science research program, IB program, and other college-level science courses.


The science symposium gives students the opportunity to learn the skills of a scientist by performing their own scientific investigations. The emphasis of these projects was on inquiry, discovery and proper use of the scientific method. Students used their technology skills in the computer lab, exploring principles of biology, earth science, chemistry and physics as they developed their research topics. Teachers instructed them in the proper development of data tables and graphs, and were available to assist them every step of the way as they conducted the experiments, gathered and analyzed data, and drew their final conclusions.


During the public presentation for parents on the evening of Jan. 28, students had the opportunity to share their discoveries and demonstrate what they had learned.  Later this spring, 28 seventh- and eighth-grade students will enter their projects in the Long Island Science Congress, and also in the SSP/BroadCom MASTERS, a national science, technology, engineering, and math competition for middle school students.