Long Beach Students Expand Their Dance Horizons

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December 10, 2013

Students in the Long Beach High School International Baccalaureate Dance program recently took two trips to expand their knowledge of dance. Their first trip was to the famous Broadway Dance Center in Manhattan, where they participated in master dance classes. The juniors took ballet classes as a culminating activity for a unit of study about ballet. The seniors took a contemporary jazz class to expand their experience with choreography. 

            "It is helpful to take ballet classes from different teachers because every teacher has a unique way of teaching," said one student.

"I learned a lot from the class at the BDC," said another student. "Taking master classes refreshes and inspires me to learn more and continue to challenge myself."

            The IB Dance students also attended the Hofstra Dance Department's High School Dance for the Day. Students took a master hip-hop/jazz class and then enjoyed an informal showing of the dance department's fall concert. The choreographers spoke about their work before they performed. During a debriefing session, students discussed how the choreographers used choreographic devices to communicate their intent to the audience.

            "In one dance, costumes and level changes showed how the mama cockroach spun her cocoon and then hatched her eggs," observed one student.            

"The movement of the dancers mirrored the painting which was the backdrop," noted another student.

IB Dance teacher Christianne Donohue plans to bring her students on trips to the Ailey School and Juilliard in the winter.