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May 2, 2018

From: Longleaf Film Festival

Longleaf Film Festival, an annual juried festival that highlights the stories that connect us all—those made here in North Carolina, and from around the world. We believe that making films is making history and that Longleaf Film Festival helps tell the stories that connect us all. Longleaf Film Festival is sponsored and administered by the North Carolina Museum of History.

Schedule of Eents

May 11, 2018

4:15 to 6:15 p.m. at Daniels Auditorium, Lobby Level - Film Block A
Seating is Limited; Maximum Occupancy: 300 seats

Forrest Tuff: Released (Documentary Feature, 45 minutes)
People released from prison often continue to pay for the mistakes of their pasts, though they also hold out hope for their future.

Ricky Kelly: Black Beach/White Beach: A Tale of Two Beaches (Documentary Feature, 60 minutes)
In Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, two national motorcycle festivals are held over the weeks around Memorial Day: one is primarily white; the other, predominately black. While the two groups of bikers enjoy both festivals, the city, community, and state have vastly different views of the two events, creating a divide among participants, business owners, and residents.

6:15–8:15 p.m. at Demonstration Gallery and Atrium, Lobby Level

Reception for Filmmakers and Friends—yes, all friends—with entertainment provided by the North Carolina Film Orchestra, appetizers, and drinks!
Advance registration and purchase of tickets are strongly suggested; only a limited number of tickets will be available at the door.

8:30 to 10 p.m. at Bicentennial Plaza, Outside Front Entrance

Movies-N-Moonlight, Film Block B
In case of inclement weather, Movies-N-Moonlight films, Film Block B, will be screened in Daniels Auditorium.

Jim Haverkamp: Dressful of Dreams (Music Video, 6 minutes)
Music, dance, and psychedelic 78 rpm loops mesh with the overripe southern landscape in this hallucinatory video for Durham's dance and banjo conglomerate, The Bipeds.

Louis Cherry and Marsha Gordon: Rendered Small (Documentary Short, 15 minutes)
Glimpse at a display of more than 1,200 handmade American folk-art buildings—homes, churches, storefronts, businesses, schools, factories, theaters, farmhouses—from Steven Burke and Randy Campbell's private Hillsborough collection.

Noah Campagna: Night Shift (Narrative Short, 10 minutes)
The local 24-hour convenience store is invaded by a bite-sized flying saucer!

Gavin Lankford and Aleksandre C. Kosinski: Supernova (Animated Film, 9 minutes)
When a little boy's late-night viewing of his favorite space adventure videotape is cut short by a scolding from his mom, he channels the heroism of his sci-fi fantasy hero and makes it his mission to get the tape back.

Christopher Wagner: Mini Thor (Documentary Short, 8 minutes)
Five-year-old Ashtin Gerberg is a baseball prodigy whose flowing hair and impressive talents earned him the nickname "Mini Thor."

W. Jarvis Rooker: Real Gone Cat (Music Video, 2 minutes)
"Only a real-gone cat will catch the eye of a far-out fox" is '60s slang for "the guy who marches to his own beat will get the girl."

Kat Garrido, high-school student filmmaker: Daydreamer (Middle and High School Student Film, 4 minutes)
A student falls asleep in class, is awakened by his teacher, and told to do a problem on the board that he doesn't know how to solve.

Evan Kidd: Flooded with You (Documentary Short, 8 minutes)
This story reveals the inspiring, strong bond of the Davis family, whose members all live together in one small apartment in the wake of the historic August 2016 flooding in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Mark Playne: 2 BY 2 (Narrative Short, 17 minutes)
Two macho shepherds – men divided by history, hate and a high border fence that separates their countries – suddenly realize that they have a chance to be the last two human survivors of an impending worldwide catastrophe. However, their survival depends on one of them being man enough, to dress up as a woman.

May 12, 2018

Make a day of it: Food Truck
11 a.m.–2 p.m.: Mr. Mongolian, made-to-order Asian stir fry
4–6 p.m.: Mr. Puebla Tacos, "The real deal: fresh, friendly, delicious!"

11 a.m. at Demonstration Gallery, Lobby Level

Panel Discussion for For Filmmakers and Film Fans: Women in Film, the current environment for women in North Carolina's film community, with filmmakers Kelly Creedon, Lana Garland, Nicolle Jones, and Camden Watts; moderated by Beth Yerxa
This workshop is free, but registration is required; space is limited.

11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Daniels Auditorium, Lobby Level - Film Block A
Seating is Limited; Maximum Occupancy: 300 seats

Dylan Powers: Purga (Narrative Short, 3 minutes)
Making the leap into the afterlife, a wandering soul seeks a new beginning, but must provide an offering that could crumble his existence forever.

Anna Kamoroff: The Little Giraffe (Animated Film, 3 minutes)
A hungry little giraffe needs the help of a friend so it can reach tasty leaves at the top of a tree.

Daniel Earney: The Backup Plan (Narrative Short, 27 minutes)
When a down-on-his-luck single father faces eviction, he begins stealing catalytic converters to save his home.

Bradley Howard: Light Armor (Documentary Short, 5 minutes)
Major Harv Howard reflects on his unit's experience, breaching the minefields and advancing into Kuwait during the 1991 Gulf War.

Kevin Murray: For Love (Narrative Short, 8 minutes)
Matt, who seems to be quite the average fellow, schleps through his workdays at a local convenience store, mostly unnoticed by customers and colleagues—and that includes being overlooked by his gorgeous coworker, Maddie. Yet, Matt is actually quite the remarkable fellow.

Holly Holder: Little Red Pocketbook (Documentary Short, 14 minutes)
Brave students at the all-black Adkin High School in Kinston staged one of the first walkouts of the Civil Rights movement, an action that helped shape the course of history in Kinston. It is finally time for the world to know about this legacy.

Nic Beery: Rabbits (Narrative Short, 9 minutes)
African American adult twins Josh and Sheryl are at a crossroads. Their daddy has recently died and they are meeting in a park to spread his ashes. This also the day their relationship comes to a head; and there's no turning back.

Andrew Harrison Brown: Somewhere in Beulah Land (Documentary Short, 28 minutes)
A young farmer works through his first year, learning how to love and care for a piece of land near Mount Airy.

Carl T. Rogers: Murky Water (Narrative Short, 8 minutes)
In the backwater swamps of the south, a rebellious preacher's daughter has hell to pay when she conjures her dead mother's ghost.

11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Dogwood Classroom, SECU Education Center, Level R - Film Block A
Seating is Limited; Maximum Occupancy: 35 seats

Cameron Hardesty: Pathway to Success (Narrative Short, 4 minutes)
A young woman is faced with a decision: should she join her friends and play or go home and study for her final exam . . .

Christen Christian: Oakdale (Documentary Short, 10 minutes)
Oakdale Cemetery in Wilmington was the first cemetery of the Rural Cemetery Movement—started in 1831 to locate burial grounds away from churches and outside population centers—to be built in North Carolina.

Bryan Reklis and Kenny Jones: Basilisk (Narrative Short, 12 minutes)
Patrick leads a normal life—or he does until a meeting with a mysterious stranger changes everything. Can Patrick keep his grip on reality?

Christian Scales: Night (Narrative Short, 5 minutes)
Writer/director/producer Christian Scales and producer Keaton Brower met during their senior year in the high school drama program at UNC School of the Arts. Since then, they have wanted to make films, like this one, in which a young woman confronts her fears when returning home late from work.

Ashlen Renner: Showdown (Documentary Short, 11 minutes)
Studio owner Cheryl Bellamy takes her dance team from inner city Durham to suburban Smithfield so they can compete at the first competition of the year, the Southeast Showdown Dance Competition.

Shannon Silva: Baby Oil (Narrative Short, 13 minutes)
It's 1978. Stranded without a car in the middle of nowhere North Carolina, a young mother rides out a severe storm and internally struggles with how to exit her abusive marriage.

Thomas Espy and Huiying Wang: Human Kaleidoscope (Documentary Short, 12 minutes)
Stephanie struggles with body image, mood swings, and eating disorders. After she meets with professional body painter Cheryl Ann Lipstreu, she considers experiencing something she would have never thought possible.

Rachael Silberman: What Lies Unopened (Narrative Short, 17 minutes)
Marty accidentally unearths a family secret that sparks confusion and rage, then leaves Marty with a choice: either escape her mother's abusive grasp or finally take a stand.

Jay Capers: Carolina 'Cross (Documentary Short, 10 minutes)
Bicycle racers crisscross North Carolina from September to January racing bikes in a sport known as Cyclo-Cross. Originating in France in the early 1900s, racers compete on a short course, with multiple laps through parks, fields, woods, mud, rain and snow.

Tyler Holender: Redaction (Narrative Short, 10 minutes)
A young man uses a found toy to travel back in time and correct his mistakes, all to create the perfect New Year's Eve date.
11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Longleaf Classroom, SECU Education Center, Level R - Film Block A
Seating is Limited; Maximum Occupancy: 100 seats

Anne Ward and Chip Williams: A Father's Dream (Documentary Short, 7 minutes)
Family influences inspire fine-woodworker David Finck, based in western North Carolina, to change his career to making violins.

Miles McKeller-Smith and Acobe Cheek: Flagged: An American Love Story (Documentary Short, 16 minutes)
After being thrown into the national spotlight, a young North Carolina educator learns what "Making America Great Again" means and how deep the love of country goes.

Victoria Duncan: The Transgressor (Narrative Short, 15 minutes)
In a society where music is outlawed, one young girl is forced to decide between obeying the rules and following her heart.

W. Jarvis Rooker: Animal Doctor (Narrative Short, 17 minutes)
An ornery, retired veterinarian, is tasked by his nursing home attendant, Calvin, to diagnose a dog that was hit by a car and left at the roadside to die.

Kim Best: Little Works of Art (Documentary Short, 13 minutes)
Harold "Cat Man" Sims recently opened the American Museum of the House Cat in Sylva. Its more than 10,000 cat-related objects honor cats as "little works of art." More importantly, Sims says, it supports his no-kill, open cat shelter that keeps homeless cats from being jailed until they can be adopted.

Becky Barker: We Are the Dead (Narrative Short, 11 minutes)
A young American soldier on the front lines of the Argonne Forest in 1918 wrestles with fear as he prepares to go over the top for the first time and face almost-certain death.

Georg Koszulinski: Recuerdos de Sangre (Blood Memories) (Documentary Short, 10 minutes)
This is a personal essay film that reflects on my family leaving Cuba in the 1960s.

Grant Conversano: Where Mothbloods Bloom (Narrative Short, 17 minutes)
Fed up and exhausted, Autumn ends her relationship with a heroin addicted boyfriend. But that leaves her stranded and alone, at a gas station, at night. There, she reaches out to Zane, a truck driver who's eating alone.

1 to 3 p.m. at Daniels Auditorium, Lobby Level - Film Block B
Seating is Limited; Maximum Occupancy: 300 seats

Michael Pogoloff: Robeson Rises (Documentary Short, 20 minutes)
As a proposed pipeline threatens to disrupt communities and ecosystems across North Carolina, a group of diverse activists rises up to challenge construction.

Raymond Wallace: Lost in Buffalo City (Narrative Short, 30 minutes)
Against better judgement and warnings from locals, eager reporter John Miller is investigating a series of strange apparitions and deadly encounters related to a long-forgotten ghost town in the dark coastal swamps of North Carolina.

Ryan Trenkamp: Joshua Messick: Hammered Dulcimer (Documentary Short, 7 minutes)
Joshua Messick, national hammer dulcimer champion, discusses the story of his art and creative process and shares how he uses living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina as a source of inspiration.

Bob Celli: Brooklyn in July (Narrative Short, 21 minutes)
Frank Walker, a man scarred by a past that is lurking only skin deep, is an African American World War II veteran working as a chauffeur in the summer of 1945. Like so many other African Americans of the time, Frank has been drawn to New York by the promise of a better life—only to be confronted by the same realities, fears, and hatreds he hoped he had left behind.

Beth Davison: Dulatown (Documentary Short, 28 minutes)
Dulatown, a community in Caldwell County, was established when slave owner Alfred Dula bequeathed land to his slave, Harriet, and their eight children. Regular reunions embrace this history and the family genealogy to publicly acknowledge that the Dulas share more than just a surname.
1 to 3 p.m. : Dogwood Classroom, SECU Education Center, Level R - Film Block B
Seating is Limited; Maximum Occupancy: 35 seats

Adam Ferguson and Jordyn Kennedy: Daisy Creek (Narrative Short, 15 minutes)
A man struggles to cope with the loss of his daughter as he begins to learn the truth of his reality.

Michael Bojtos: Dickinson Avenue: The [Mostly] True Story of the Paddock Club (Documentary Feature, 90 minutes)
The Paddock Club wasn't just a bar, it was home. It was family. It was the first place in eastern North Carolina where LGBT people could be themselves. The patrons and staff of the Paddock wove the tapestry that made up the story of the Paddock. This is their story.

1 to 3 p.m. : Longleaf Classroom, SECU Education Center, Level R - Film Block B
Seating is Limited; Maximum Occupancy: 100 seats

Edward Loupe: Coffee: An Opera (Music Video, 14 minutes)
A cozy musical vignette of three stories intertwining over the course of one night and a warm cup in a neighborhood coffee shop.

Sam Griffith: Work (Narrative Short, 10 minutes)
A young mom questions her choices and identity while raising her daughter on a farm.

Gorman Bechard: What It Takes: Film en Douze Tableaux (Documentary Feature, 80 minutes)
This intimate glimpse at songwriting and the balancing of life versus passion follows Chapel Hill legend Sarah Shook and her band of seasoned virtuosos, The Disarmers, into the studio to record their new album and prove they have what it takes to shake up country music.

2 to 3 p.m. at Demonstration Gallery, Lobby Level
Panel Discussion for Filmmakers: Distribution Platforms, the good, the bad, and the ugly of distribution platforms and getting projects to distribution, with guests Elisabeth Haviland James, Evan Kidd, and Thomas Varnum; moderated by Eric Johnson
This workshop is free, but registration is required; space is limited.

3 to 5 p.m. at Daniels Auditorium, Lobby Level - Film Block C
Seating is Limited; Maximum Occupancy: 300 seats

Denver Hollingsworth: Essex (Narrative Short, 11 minutes)
New Year's Eve is Amy's first night alone providing on-call support for Essex Enterprises, a home security firm. When a bad storm knocks the company servers off-line, she calls Jake, a down-on-his-luck support technician.

Kieran Moreira: Art of Exchange (Documentary Short, 11 minutes)
Renowned performance artist Tim Etchells and the Tate Modern gallery in London create a unique venue: three seemingly ordinary tables designed solely to reignite passion for exchanging ideas. See what happens when the public engages with this scenario after the exhibit debuts in the spring of 2017.

Andrew Austin and Adam Ward: The Power of Glove (Documentary Feature, 65 minutes)
This film is a documentary chronicling the history and legacy of the notoriously "bad" Nintendo Power Glove, a 1989 video game controller lauded as the first mass-marketed gesture-based commercial product, which paved the way for the future of virtual reality.

Sean Rooney: Straggler (Narrative Short, 15 minutes)
An experienced ghost extractor finds an unexpected challenge when she encounters a youthful spirit who doesn't realize he's dead.

3 to 5 p.m. : Dogwood Classroom, SECU Education Center, Level R - Film Block C
Seating is Limited; Maximum Occupancy: 35 seats

Jerome Aiello: Vigilance (Narrative Short, 7 minutes)
Ignored by the self-absorbed, a little girl playing in the park wanders off into the woods, seemingly unseen. Someone is watching, though, and he follows her into the woods.

Christopher Lusk: Prosperity (Documentary Short, 15 minutes)
Past. Present. Future. Located in the mountains of Appalachia, Bluefield, West Virginia, saw unprecedented growth during the coal boom of the early 20th century. Now, with the decline of coal mining in the region, its dwindling population and limited economic development have left the city at a crossroads. This film will immerse you in the community with elements of documentary and experimental film.

Tim Hall: Born River Bye (Narrative Feature, 83 minutes)
A disillusioned songwriter and a restless receptionist confront their regrets over an autumn weekend in Macon, Georgia.

3 to 5 p.m. : Longleaf Classroom, SECU Education Center, Level R - Film Block C
Seating is Limited; Maximum Occupancy: 100 seats

Andrea Morgenlander and Joshua Overbay: Polished (Narrative Short, 3 minutes)
Engaged in the seemingly menial task of putting on makeup for an evening out with her husband, a tormented woman escapes her eerily stagnant reality by deep-diving into the watery depths of her chaotic inner world.

Michael Raab: Ground Zero Goldsboro (Documentary Short, 7 minutes)
On January 26, 1961, two hydrogen bombs fell in eastern North Carolina. One was safe. One was armed . . .

Andrew Huggins: Goodman (Narrative Short, 9 minutes)
This modern-day adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne's classic short story "Young Goodman Brown" from 1835 follows one man's journey from having morality, purity, and honor to his being filled with uncertainty and chaos.

Evan Kidd: Learning Man (Narrative Short, 13 minutes)
The ghost of a former slave has been wandering an old North Carolina textile mill, waiting on a promise, when she comes to believe a young construction worker is her long-awaited teacher. Can he become the promised "learning man"?

Tom Dierolf: Almost Cured (Documentary Short, 30 minutes)
"After the first touchdown, the crowd was a little less racist and after the second touchdown, they were almost cured." This honest, personalized account of racial integration is set in a small North Carolina Appalachian community during the thick of the Civil Rights movement in 1963.

Timothy Hearn and Matthew Hearn: Perfect Pitch (Narrative Short, 9 minutes)
Two up and coming filmmakers ponder over what could be the best idea for a film they've ever had. The Hearn brothers have been making short films and videos in North Carolina for as long as they've had a camera, and know that sometimes the best idea doesn't make much sense unless it's pitched perfectly.

Brad Dillard and Nick Deel: Regrowth (Documentary Short, 12 minutes)
Two "battle buddies" trace the friendship, recovery, and philanthropic endeavors of their lives 12 years after they were badly injured in an IED explosion in Iraq.

Scott Schimmel and Geoff Groberg: Driven Blind (Documentary Short, 15 minutes)
Dan Parker, a world champion drag racer, struggles to adjust to his new reality after a tragic racing accident leaves him blind. Though he cannot see, he has not given up his love of working with his hands or his love of racing, and he is doing everything he can to be involved in the sport—and stay behind the wheel.

David Superville and Cameron Voris: Mark (Narrative Short, 8 minutes)
"They woke him up. Now they're gonna milk him for all he's worth." After being activated as a sleeper agent, a boxer-clad father with a mysterious past is put through a series of trials that test his resolve. With life hanging in the balance, Mark struggles to fight against the voice in his head.

5 to 7:30 p.m. at Daniels Auditorium, Lobby Level - Film Block D
Seating is Limited; Maximum Occupancy: 300 seats

Thomas Parrish V, middle-school student: Force B1 (Beyond the Outer Rim) (Middle and High School Student Film, 4 minutes)
Shot entirely with drone cameras, this short film—written and directed by 12-year-old Thomas Parrish V—tells a brief story of young GewDaan B1, who discovers a power that has not been seen among his people in more than 1,000 years.

André Silva: Black River (Documentary Short, 4 minutes)
Shot on high-contrast black-and-white 16mm film, this introspective documentary observes a largely undeveloped river in southeastern North Carolina that is home to some of the oldest trees east of the Rocky Mountains.

Camden Watts: The Innocent AK (Narrative Short, 4 minutes)
AK's ex won't leave her alone.

Wil Weldon: The Imaginary Village of Allan Gurganus (Documentary Short, 19 minutes)
Exploring the concept of what makes his literature "local," what motivates his storytelling, and how he takes his work public, Allan Gurganus generously pulls back the curtains on a world seldom seen by outside eyes.

William Rowe: Invisible (Animated Film, 5 minutes)
A homeless mother's world is turned upside down when she begins to vanish from reality. This is her desperate race against time, to find someone to help her before she is gone forever.

Brad Bennett and Jonah Guelzo: Forgive—Don't Forget (Documentary Feature, 71 minutes)
During Japan's surrender at the end of World War II, a number of swords were confiscated by American officers. To better understand the past and build a bridge between cultures in the present, a filmmaker attempts to return one of these swords to its original owner.

Bradley Howard: Curse Words "Airlock" (Official Music Video) (Music Video, 3 minutes)
Peter gets abducted and uses science to contact the aliens who captured him. His story is a new music video for the song "Airlock" by the band Curse Words.

Chip Hackler: A Summer's Day (Narrative Short, 10 minutes)
One father seeks a closer connection with his estranged son.

Beth Fletcher: Tethered (Narrative Short, 14 minutes)
To live up to his father's legacy, Oscar has created a musical invention that will change the weather. However, while testing it in amateur pilot Wendy's balloon, the two end up taking a whimsical journey that helps him discover his true passions.

7:30 p.m. - Awards Ceremony at Daniels Auditorium, Lobby Level
Seating is Limited; Maximum Occupancy: 300 seats
Join us for presentation of awards for Longleaf 2018 categories, Judges' Choice winners, History+, and best student-made films.

8 to 10 p.m. - Wrap Party at Oak & Dagger Public House, Seaboard Station
No maximum occupancy!
This is a FREE public reception for friends, family members, and other supporters of filmmakers and Longleaf at Oak & Dagger Public House.
Your favorite brew is on you; munchies are on Longleaf.
Donations support Longleaf 2019!
The Wrap Party is open to all festival attendees, but let us know you're coming!

Date: May 11-12, 2018

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