Madison On the Move Newsletter - May 2022

Government and Politics

May 9, 2022

We here at Team Madison have been busy since launching the campaign! Madison's objective is to meet and hear from as many people in our state—both rural and urban—as possible.

Because we are committed to building a more united Oklahoma, we have been crisscrossing the state non-stop!

Right now, we want to share some highlights from the campaign trail

Officially on the Ballot

On April 14th I filed my Declaration of Candidacy

On Candidacy Filing Day, ihe campaign learn and I ran ovei 10 the Oklahoma Stale Capitol to make my declaration for candidacy official, it was a day to remember - for those of us in the room and ALL Oklahomans who are ready for change. Change doesn't happen overnight, but this was Ihe first step toward our mission of bringing logic back to politics. It's our time, Oklahoma! United, we will seize this moment to build a more prosperous and secure future for all.

1. Madeline Davis Jones: Momma Jones

Madeline Davis Jones: I was fortunate to meet Madeline Davis Jones, the mother of Julius Jones. She is a remarkable woman who has endured so much, yet she remains a force of inspiration and positivity. I am eternally grateful for her support and words of encouragement. Thank you to the Oklahoma Women's Journal for the invitation and for hosting an event that brought together so many phenomenal women from across Oklahoma!

2. SEOSU  Students

I had (he absolute privilege to get to know the amazing students ol Southeastern Oklahoma State University. "First and foremost, Madison is a bad***. She is the first candidate in Oklahoma that young people have ever seen that has the spark, dedication and capability to genuinely win and be up to date with the modern world. I can't wait to vote for her! - Student Young Democrats. LG8TQIA* Advocate. Meeting with students. I was equally energized to learn what issues are important to the next generation of leaders. The thoughtful questions they asked continue to push me to be the best candidate to represent young Oklahomans.

3. Meet & Greet

We're official! The meet and greet hosted by '30th St Market was an absolute blast! The team and l got to meet many excited prospective voters and celebrate making it on the primary ballot. It is important to me that as this campaign moves forward, we continue to make time to get to know each other on a deeper level. Be on the lookout for more meet and greets to come!

4. Women’s Rights

With ihe passage of the countries most restrictive legislation reducing access to women's healthcare in Oklahoma and the leaked draft ruling of the Supreme Court's intention to overturn Roe V. Wade, there is so much at stake in this election. I stand for women's rights and the ownership of their bodies.