Malliotakis Unveils Recommendations to Restore Public Safety in New York City

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August 5, 2022

Attended Law Enforcement Roundtable with House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy

(NEW YORK, NY) - Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis (NY-11), a member of the American Security Law Enforcement Task Force (ASTF), today unveiled legislative recommendations the task force has proposed to restore public safety in cities across America should Republicans take back the majority in the U.S. House of Representatives.

"As a member of the American Security Task Force, I've joined my colleagues in meeting with law enforcement officers from across the state to hear directly from them what tools are needed to help them more effectively do their jobs," Malliotakis said. "Democrats' lax bail policies have created a revolving-door justice system in our state, and after hearing officers' concerns, we know these policies are putting residents, businesses, and visitors at risk. While most of the concerns brought up in our roundtables are with state and local laws like bail reform, budget cuts to law enforcement, and laws that tie their hands, our task force has been able to find ways that the federal government can hold local officials accountable and support law enforcement directly."

The American Security Law Enforcement Task Force has unveiled the following legislative recommendations:

-Support and FUND the Police. Law enforcement deserves a House majority that has their backs. We must make sure police departments have the resources necessary to do their job without increasing federal control over local enforcement.

-Tackle Recruitment and Retention Issues. Police departments across the country are struggling to recruit new officers to fill open positions. A nationwide survey from June 2021 found departments are 7% short of filling budgeted positions. This amounts to over 46,000 law enforcement officers nationwide. Some cities face shortages as high as 17%. Retirements nationwide were up by 45% in 2021. Congress should make available and increase resources to provide retention and recruitment bonuses of up to $5,000 to law enforcement officers to mitigate this challenge.

-Address Crime Against Officers. It is becoming more dangerous than ever to serve as an officer with targeted offenses against law enforcement on the rise. In 2021, a record 73 officers were killed in the line of duty. As of May 2022, 123 officers had been shot, 19 of whom died from gunfire. We must hold those who commit a crime against a police officer accountable. Targeting an officer should never be permitted and those who commit these heinous acts should be punished. House Republicans will take action to protect officer safety.

-Ensure Transparency from Progressive Prosecutors. Progressive prosecutors hold office in cities that represent over 20% of the nation’s population. At their direction, prosecutor offices are refusing to prosecute crimes, tying the hands of law enforcement, and contributing to a culture of lawlessness. For instance, last year, the LA sheriff’s department made arrests, conducted investigations, and presented evidence to prosecutors in 13,238 cases that the District Attorney’s office later rejected because of a “special directive,” – a series of politically-motivated directives issued by the Los Angeles District Attorney after he took office to advance progressive policies related to what crimes are to be prosecuted – not for lack of evidence. Greater transparency must be required from prosecutors who received federal grant dollars and federal funds should not be used to subsidize prosecutors who refuse to do their jobs.

In June, Malliotakis introduced the Prosecutors Need to Prosecute Act which would hold prosecutors accountable and create transparency by letting the public know how many cases prosecutors are declining to prosecute, the number of offenses committed by career criminals, and the number of criminals released. She's also drafted legislation to require every state to give judges the discretion to consider and set bail for individuals dangerous to society and hold states liable for any crimes committed by criminals released without cash bail. In addition to her legislative solutions, Malliotakis has earmarked millions in funding for the NYPD to purchase new protective equipment, forensic equipment, and expand its K9 unit.

Additionally, Malliotakis participated in a roundtable hosted by House Republican Leader Kevin Mccarthy in New York City yesterday afternoon along with representatives from the Detectives' Endowment Association, Sergeants Benevolent Association, Captains' Benevolent Association, Lieutenants Benevolent Association, MTA Police Benevolent Association, and the Port Authority Police Benevolent Association.

The discussion centered around the latest issues members of New York City's law enforcement are facing due to the soft-on-crime policies enacted by New York's leadership, along with the ASTF's legislative recommendations to restore public safety. During the roundtable, Leader McCarthy praised the Congresswoman for standing up for the police, while officers expressed concerns about New York's botched bail reform law and shared more information about the crime crisis in New York City.

"Congresswoman Malliotakis has been at the forefront of standing up for our police," Leader McCarthy said. “It’s happening across the country in these Democratic-run cities. We are watching homicides at new levels, robberies, rape continue to rise. Safety and security, it’s a very big issue here but it’s a big issue in every single city across America because of this progressive movement of defunding the police, electing these prosecutors who will not uphold the law.”

"Individual legislators who voted for New York's bail reform law have to be held accountable by police, unions, the press, and the public," said Paul Digiacomo, President of the Detectives' Endowment Association. "I want to thank Leader McCarthy for his commitment to law enforcement and doing what he can to put pressure on New York State."\

The American Security Task Force focuses on border security, cyber security, and law

enforcement. In 2021, members of the ASTF hosted law enforcement roundtables across the country – including visits to New York City, NY; Syracuse, NY; Jacksonville, FL; Austin, TX; Portland, OR; Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN; and Washington, DC – hearing from law enforcement agencies on the most pressing issues facing them. The roundtables informed the work of ASTF in soliciting and producing legislative initiatives for House Republicans to enact in the 118th Congress. The framework has broad support among Republican Members and would be prioritized in a Republican-led House of Representatives.