MassGOP Stands Firm Against Ranked Choice Voting in Boston: Upholding the Principle of One Person, One Vote

Government and Politics

June 12, 2024

Boston, MA - On Monday, City Council President Ruthzee Louijeune indicated her intention to pursue a referendum to introduce Ranked Choice Voting to Boston. The MassGOP staunchly opposes any measure that would alter the fundamental principle of elections. Elections should adhere to the principle of one person, one vote.

MassGOP Chair, Amy Carnevale, commented on the attempt to bring rank choice voting to Boston stating, “Massachusetts voters have already expressed their stance on ranked-choice voting. The measure was soundly defeated at the ballot box in 2020 despite proponents spending $10 million to promote the measure. This move, being advanced by Boston radicals who were rebuffed in their attempt to bring the measure back to the voters in 2024 on a statewide basis, represents a clear backdoor attempt to subvert the will of voters. Ranked-choice voting undermines the election process, confuses voters, and can lead to scenarios where the candidate with the most votes doesn’t secure victory and the votes of voters are discarded entirely. It’s not healthy for democracy and is a solution in search of a problem that will do more harm than good.”