May 21st Idaho Election

Government and Politics

May 3, 2013

May 21st Election

If ordered, Taxing District Bond or Levy elections. Recall elections.

Scheduled elections:

  • Auditorium Districts
  • Highway Districts
  • Hospital Boards
  • Library Districts
  • School Districts
  • Water and Sewer Districts
  • Weather Modification Districts

April 26 - Last day to pre-register

May 15 - Last day for mail-in absentee ballot application

May 17 - Last day for in-person absentee voting

May 21 - Election Day. Last day to return absentee ballots to County Clerk by 8:00 pm

May 22 - Registration reopens

Idaho Voting Resources


Find more info about local issues at the LWV of Idaho website.

Election date: May 21 Auditorium districts, highway districts, hospital boards, library districts, school districts, water and sewer districts and weather modification districts election