Meals on Wheels America News - Can Richard Count on You?

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December 30, 2019

No Time To Wait:

The last time Richard fell he was unable to get up for three days.

That's 72 hours of wondering whether anyone would find him in time to save him.

With each passing day, Richard felt more helpless and scared. He couldn't even get to a glass of water.

Richard lost his leg as a result of a car accident in 1955, so a fall for him is not only dangerous, but in a case like this, could be deadly.

That was before Richard found Meals on Wheels. Now, he finally has comfort knowing Meals on Wheels will show up each day. Your gift can help seniors like Richard.

"Meals on Wheels makes me feel safe. I look forward to it. If not, I don't have anyone coming around," Richard says.

Daily home-delivered meals help keep 8 out of 10 clients who have previously fallen from falling again. That's because Meals on Wheels is more than nutritious meals, it's also a volunteer to check in on the health and wellbeing of seniors in need.

If we don't stand up for the millions of seniors like Richard, who will? Donate any amount today – because sometimes there's no time to wait.


Your gift will go to Meals on Wheels America, the national organization that helps support more than 5,000 local Meals on Wheels programs across the country.