Meals on Wheels America News - Could You Live on $228 Per Week?

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July 18, 2019

Poverty has an overwhelming grip on seniors across America.

6.9 million seniors are struggling to make ends meet. The cost of living continues to rise. Retirement savings dwindle over time. Bills pile up. Too many seniors can no longer afford the food, medications and housing they need.

That is unacceptable -- and you get it.

Your support helps give seniors in this struggle one thing that they can rely on: Meals on Wheels. Because of your compassion, clients like Ricky and Melvona know they have a hot meal to look forward to, no matter how tight money gets.

Ricky, like many Meals on Wheels clients, is a veteran whose injuries left him with impaired mobility that forced him to stop working. Although Melvona likes to cook, she struggles to keep food on the table while also helping to support her daughter and three grandchildren.

Because of your support, they receive a nutritious meal every day, along with a friendly visit and safety check from their Meals on Wheels volunteer.

"We really appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts," Melvona says. "It's a Godsend for us."

Thanks to you, Ricky and Melvona can focus on making the most out of their lives together and being grandparents to the precious little ones without the daily struggles of money compromising their health.