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July 8, 2020

Seniors across the country were suddenly burdened with a new assortment of challenges when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Fear of leaving the house and adhering to safety precautions made it difficult to access the nutrition they need.

Shirley is 77 years old and lives in Dallas, TX. Three of her four children live nearby and stop by to check on her when they can, but she relies on Meals on Wheels to bring her food when they are not around.

“I would go hungry if it weren’t for Meals on Wheels.”

A few years back, problems with her heart resulted in the implant of a pacemaker which makes it difficult to get up some days. Her kids do what they can to pitch in and take her to doctors’ appointments. And yet, Shirley still needs help.

Luckily, her local Meals on Wheels program in Dallas is there to bring her the nutritious meals she needs to stay healthy.

It’s also a way for her to stay connected during the pandemic. With twenty-two (!) grandkids, Shirley loves having her family around her. They are a family that looks after one another. However, Shirley has taken the pandemic safety recommendations seriously, and that means the people she typically relies on for assistance and to keep her company – aren’t around much.

“I’ve been staying in and trying to be safe during COVID-19. And Meals on Wheels has been bringing me food.

I depend on my Meals on Wheels!”

Thanks to donations from supporters like you, Meals on Wheels America has already sent more than $22 million directly to the front lines of the pandemic to ensure we can continue to keep seniors like Shirley safe and healthy.

With your gift, you can help the millions of seniors like Shirley who need us – now more than ever.