Meals on Wheels America News - Keeping Seniors Safe Amid COVID-19

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March 12, 2020

COVID-19 is a growing concern for all of us, with vulnerable seniors facing the greatest risk of all.

Local Meals on Wheels programs are on the front lines every day, singularly focused on doing all they can to keep older Americans safe in communities across the country.

When additional threats such as this virus are added to the mix, the job gets harder but the commitment stays steadfast, and you can be assured that we are staying on top of the situation and continually assessing appropriate action.

The costs and efforts associated with protecting seniors from COVID-19 require additional emergency funds, which is why we are asking federal lawmakers to remember vulnerable seniors in the national response.

The House Rules Committee is currently debating a just-released coronavirus stimulus package, which includes $250M for important services many Meals on Wheels clients rely on. It will be considered on the House floor today.

Yet, that won't be enough. We need you, too.

Please consider calling to check in on your vulnerable loved ones and neighbors and/or making a gift to Meals on Wheels America so that we can continue the fight at this critical time.

We're keeping a close eye on the rapidly evolving situation– always with the best interests of Meals on Wheels and the seniors they serve front and center. Thank you for your support of this vital work to keep our seniors safe.

- By Ellie Hollander, President & CEO

Your gift will go to Meals on Wheels America, the national organization that helps support more than 5,000 local Meals on Wheels programs across the country.