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November 27, 2019

Marika has spent her entire life helping others. At 71, she was a woman on the move: volunteering, rescuing stranded animals and caring for friends and neighbors when they needed it.

Until one day when a serious car accident landed her in the hospital and unable to take care of herself. Thankfully, donors like you, Meals on Wheels and Uber Health were together able to step in to help her to live independently once again.

A year and a half ago, a head-on collision turned Marika's world upside down. The impact of the crash pinned her in the car's passenger seat and caused severe nerve damage to the right side of her body.

Recovery was brutal. Unable to walk, Marika couldn't get to the store, cook or otherwise ensure the nutrition and support she needed to heal. Having always prided herself on strength and independence, she couldn't bear to tell her children how bad the situation actually had become.

Her local Meals on Wheels program helped Marika get back on her feet when she needed it most.

You can help millions of seniors like Marika across the country with a gift today.

"I can't believe people are rescuing me now," Marika says. "That's new because I've always helped others. Meals on Wheels is beautiful. How can such nice people exist?"

During recovery, doctors said it was a miracle Marika could walk at all and mobility remained a challenge for her every day. The accident also left her with a debilitating fear of getting back in a car, which rendered her basically homebound.

That's when an extra blessing came along. Uber Health's donation of free rides through her local Meals on Wheels program helped Marika get out of the house, back on the road and going to the places she needed to, like the hospital and grocery store.
"The Uber drivers and Meals on Wheels are like angels," Marika says. "I always look for little wings on their backs."

This year, Marika is thankful to be out of the house more and to be gaining her independence back.

Donate this Thanksgiving to help seniors like Marika when they need it most and have nowhere else to turn.


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