Meals on Wheels America News: You are there for Carl

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May 12, 2021

Thanks to you, Meals on Wheels was there for Carl when he needed it most, and continues to be a lifeline every day.

Carl was hospitalized twice last year – once for a cardiac problem and once again for pneumonia.

And 2020 was a frightening year for those with heart and respiratory issues.

To make matters worse, his mobility – which is already limited by the illness-related loss of his driver’s license a few years back – was further restricted when the pandemic made getting around even more difficult. As a result, he’s spent more time alone than ever before.

“It’s just been a life of staying home more,” he says of his time during the last year. “A lot more than I would on a normal basis. I don’t have anybody here besides myself.”

How Connection Saves Lives

That’s when he made the call and began to receive services from his local Meals on Wheels program – and he’s been very, very happy with his experience.

Because of your continued support, Meals on Wheels is able to deliver nutritious food and life-saving connection to seniors like Carl.

Most meaningful of all? His Meals on Wheels volunteer who checks in on him and cares about his health and well-being.

“There are people out there who do care about the needy and homebound.”

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