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August 10, 2022

This Summer It’s Time to #RespectYourElders
Join Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, Lance Bass and More


James, America’s seniors are lonely. As a nation, we’ve allowed them to fall into the shadows. Families are living farther away and neighbors are more strangers than ever before. We all have the power to help change that.

That's why Meals on Wheels America has launched the #RespectYourElders campaign, a call for all of us to value our senior neighbors before they are completely left behind. Celebrity supporters are already joining in, and you can, too!


i.  Share Celebrity Videos

ii. Do Acts of Kindness

iii. Make Your Own Video

You Can Help #RespectYourElders Take Over the Internet

Keep an eye out for content from Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Gayle King, Lance Bass, Lily Tomlin and more throughout the month. Then be sure to like, share and join through any of the ways you see above.

Post using #RespectYourElders to help raise up the stories, smiles and charming personalities of meaningful elders in your life.


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