Meals on Wheels America News - You Helped Deliver 19 Million More Meals

Clubs and Organizations

February 18, 2021

When COVID-19 hit, millions of older adults found themselves more vulnerable and in need of urgent support, practically overnight.
Thanks to donors and supporters like you, Meals on Wheels rose to the challenge and made your good go further – to deliver 19 million more meals and serve an additional one million seniors.
Just when they needed it most.
We’ve launched a new campaign, Make Good Go Further™, to celebrate the good you made happen for seniors threatened by COVID-19.
Watch how local Meals on Wheels programs battled the impact of the coronavirus on the frontlines, as the world stayed in.


When you look back at this moment in history, we hope you feel good knowing that you showed up to get food and social connection to millions of seniors sheltering in place.
We appreciate all you’ve done to help us Make Good Go Further™ during this very difficult time.
Find out how you can continue to make a difference through the pandemic, and long into the future.