Meals on Wheels America News - You Helped Seniors Survive a Most Difficult Year

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February 3, 2021

You have done something remarkable. You helped the seniors Meals on Wheels serves survive an extraordinary year.

As the seniors we serve look to the year ahead of them, for the first time in many months, they have hope. Hope that the nation will be kinder and less divided. Hope that they’ll be safe from sickness and isolation. And because of you, hope that they won’t have to worry about where their next meal is coming from.

In 2020 alone, your contribution enabled Meals on Wheels to deliver 19 million more meals to help those who needed it most to make it through the pandemic.

And, as you can imagine, the demand for Meals on Wheels services is not slowing down. Too many seniors aren't getting the nutrition that you know is vital to keeping them healthy. 

As you begin your new year, now is the best time to reaffirm your dedication to our aging neighbors with a monthly gift.

Your generosity is essential for millions of seniors, like Rickey. Life for Rickey was challenging after he left the military. Among the struggles he pushed through was a long six-year recovery in a wheelchair while healing from a logging accident. 

A series of surgeries enabled him to work for about ten years before the aches and pains began to grow with each passing day. Getting around his home – let alone to the grocery store for food – proved to be arduous.

Become a monthly donor today so that no senior has to go hungry in America.

Thankfully, Meals on Wheels was there for Rickey. Without his local Meals on Wheels program, he wouldn’t know when he might eat next. 

“We live in a world of uncertainty. Any time you can add something certain, it helps,” Rickey says. “What you get with the meal – the nutrition – is important for seniors.”

For two out of three recipients, their Meals on Wheels meal will make up half or more of all the food they will eat that day. You understand how critical it is to keep that support going.

With your kindness, we will continue the fight to end senior hunger and isolation.