Meals on Wheels America's News - Even The Strongest Dads Need Help Sometimes

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June 17, 2019

What would you do if you lost a leg and couldn't stand – much less stand over a stove to cook your meals?

That's the reality Richard, 86 years old, lives with every single day.

To make things more challenging, he's lived alone for 23 years. Richard's only daughter and grandchild live states away. He spends most of his time isolated, trying to navigate his immobility.

You can help dads like Richard receive the care they desperately need from local Meals on Wheels programs.

Volunteers bring food to his house, visit with him and perform safety checks to prevent accidents that could put his well being at risk. This is essential to his health, especially since a fall a few years back left him immobilized for three days.

"Meals on Wheels makes me feel safe," Richard says. "I look forward to it. Without it, I don't have anyone coming around." 

This Father's Day, donate to support Meals on Wheels programs across the country that help seniors live independently in their own homes.

If we don't stand up for the millions of fathers and grandfathers facing hunger and isolation, who will?