Mike Rogers Stands Against 'Most Conservative Border Bill in Decades,' Prioritizes Politics Over Border Security

Government and Politics

May 23, 2024

LANSING — As the Senate voted today on “one of the toughest border and immigration laws in modern history,” Mike Rogers continues to play partisan games at the expense of America’s safety and security. Rogers stands against the “most conservative border bill in decades,” claiming that the bipartisan border bill “didn’t correct any of the problems.” 

In reality, the bipartisan border bill would have strengthened our border and stopped the flow of fentanyl and was backed by border patrol agents and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Here’s what they’re saying about the bipartisan border bill: 

  • NBC News: “Bipartisan agreement to impose tougher immigration and asylum laws.”
  • CNN: “The Senate’s border deal and foreign aid package… would implement strict limits along the US southern border that have not been previously enshrined into law.”