MP-7th and 8th Grade Boys Golf

Sports and Recreation

July 26, 2016

From: Madeira City Schools

7th and 8th Grade boys interested in golf this fall - please note the following from Coach Booth:

Students must have a physical on file before the date of tryouts and registration in 8 to 18.

- Tee time for MS Boys Golf Tryouts will be starting at 2:08 on the Regulation Course at Little Miami on Monday, August, 1.

- Tee times for the second round will start at 2:00 on the Par 3 course at Little Miami onTuesday, August 2.

- Players will be charged $7.75 for the rounds.

- Students should show up about 30-45 minutes before our scheduled tee times. This allows me to curate foursomes, go over how we will be keeping score, allows the players trying out to warm up putting and chipping (and driving range if they want to and arrive early enough), and allow anyone running slightly late some breathing room up against the tee times.

- It is unbelievably hot right now. Students should plan to bring a water bottle or two to stay hydrated. They should also bring a snack for when they're energy/focus levels begin to deplete (I recommended granola bars.)

- Players should come prepared to golf. Collared shirts, shorts (except basketball shorts,) and golf/athletic shoes will be expected. Optional items include belts if they like to wear them and golf hats. Personally, I never wear a hat while I play, but with the heat and how bright it is, a hat can help keep the sun out of your eyes and stay focused on the flight of the ball.

- Because I have not met many of you, some things to help you identify me when you get to course: I have red hair. Pretty distinguishable because of that. I will be hanging out on the side patio of the Little Miami Clubhouse to greet parents and players trying out. I will be wearing either a blue or a white Madeira Athletics shirt. I will be driving around in a golf cart after all groups tee off to watch players, get a feel for their behavior, their attitude, their game, and who pairs well with who.

- I can't wait to meet everyone and to play some golf!

- Please email James Booth at if you have any questions.