MV International Film Festival 2018: Short Films Juried Competition Screens September 8th 6:30pm

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September 3, 2018

From: Martha's Vineyard International Film Festival

The Martha's Vineyard International Film Festival Announces Eleven Finalists for the 2018 Short Film Competition

Vineyard Haven, MA - A committee has selected eleven finalists for the Juried Short Film competition at the Martha's Vineyard International Film Festival. More than 250 entries from 25 countries were submitted for review. To be eligible, the films must have been completed within the past year and be under 20 minutes in length.

The eleven films are as follows...


Directed by Maggie Kiley (Australia)

Time: 15:48 minutes

Tim, putting the final touches on his 'Vol 7 - Songs for and about Em' CD mix joyfully discovers a letter from Emma's gynecologist...


Directed by Andrew N. Reid (USA)

Time: 20:00 minutes

A recent spinal cord injury patient struggling to reconcile his sense of self-worth with his new reality as a paraplegic.

The Cape

Directed by Andrew Olson (USA)

Time: 13:25 minutes

For eleven happy years Kara was fiery and independent, leaping over tall couches, jumping off the dock, and best of all reading comic books with her Dad...


Directed by Jennifer Blair (USA)

Time: 6:30 minutes

When a college sophomore returns home to share some important news with his parents, things don't go exactly as he had expected... until they do.

Lotte the Silhouette Girl

Directed by Carla Patullo and Elizabeth Beecheert (Germany)

Time: 9:58 minutes

Once upon a time, long before Disney and the other animation giants, Lotte Reiniger ignited the screen with shadows, light, and a pair of magical scissors.

Boccamazzo Construction- We Build "Walls!"

Directed by Paul Ricco (USA)

Time: 6:20 minutes

A quick, funny look at Bobby and Todd Boccamazzo, owners of a Brooklyn-based construction company that only builds walls. Just walls.

Time Can Break Your Heart

Directed by Paul Schwartz (USA)

Time: 14:05 minutes

When an older man visits a young woman in a beautiful garden, we come to understand the fragility of memory and the power of love.

Samuel David

Directed by Nenad Cicin-sain (USA)

Time: 12:30 minutes

Nearing the end of his second tour in Iraq corporal Samuel David abandons his post when his base comes under attack...


Directed by D. Gillam (USA)

Time: 12:19 minutes

Hip-hop head Kenya finds difficulties in balancing her love life with her career.

Under Mom's Skirt

Directed by Sarah Heitz de Chabaneix (France)

Time: 12:10 minutes

A young woman goes with her mother for a routine medical check-up, but this appointment will provide way too much information for her to handle... Some things should remain private, right?

Still Water Runs Deep

Directed by: Abbesi Akhami (Nigeria)

Time: 15:00 minutes

Within the Nigerian family, the father is the patriarch and protector of his flock. Still Water Runs Deep tells the intimate story of a man whose concealed emotions begin to stir when faced with the portent of a missing son.

All eleven films will be screened the night of Saturday, September 8, at the Capawock Theater. At the conclusion of the shorts program, a panel of judges will announce the winning film. A cash prize of $1,000 will be awarded to the winning filmmaker(s). Additionally, the winning film will be shown again on Sunday, September 9, prior to the Closing Night program at the Film Center.

The panel of judges includes Diana Barrett (Fledgling Fund), Tim Miller (Cape Cod Times Film Critic), Alicja Jasina (2017 Juried Short Winner). The selection committee, which reviewed every submission, included Jennifer Smith Turner, Linda Comstock, and Anne Evasick.

For more details about the Short Film Program, as well as information about the 13th Martha's Vineyard International Film Festival, click Here!

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