National Foundation to End Senior Hunger News - Emergencies: Be Prepared

Clubs and Organizations

October 15, 2020

It is certainly news to no one that autumn is here and winter just around the corner. Nor, regrettably, is it news that the death toll from the coronavirus continues to mount and that the majority of states have reported upticks in their number of cases in recent weeks. The media remind us of these facts constantly, even as they warn that the surge in cases is likely to intensify in colder months. We hear the word pandemic with a frequency we could not have imagined… because none of us had ever experienced one. That too is probably the reason that we, as individual organizations, states and even as a nation, were not adequately equipped to deal with it. Or put another way, none were prepared for such an emergency – despite the fact that most entities had emergency preparedness plans.
First, we want to commend State Units on Aging, Area Agencies on Aging and local senior centers and home-delivered meal programs for their dedication and creativity in responding to this crisis for which there was no established “play book.” They are all continuing to do so on a daily basis, at the same time that they and we at NFESH are together looking ahead to future emergencies. Specifically we are jointly dedicating time and energy to helping create a blueprint designed to equip senior centers in rural areas to better respond to the next emergency.

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