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Sports and Recreation

October 30, 2020

Those folks interested in such things know that, as of Tuesday, Oct 27th night, the 2020 Major League Baseball season and the World Series are now behind us. The Los Angeles Dodgers are being hailed as the new champions. In the context of this unusual season and unusual year the Dodgers, as the winning team, will enjoy all the celebration that can be accorded to World Series champions in the time of COVID.

Not all teams or sports figures make it to the play-offs, so they cannot even compete for the title of “winners.” But that same limitation is not always true of the people we call champions. The designation as champion does not necessarily refer to what those folks have accomplished for themselves. In fact, the very opposite can be true. Outside of sports competitions, that term “champions” has a much broader, and more important, definition. In a different context it refers to individuals who dedicate their time and energy to earnestly advocating in behalf of others. All great causes -- like the fight to reduce hunger -- need those types of selfless champions who are willing to dedicate their time, energy, heart and resources to achieving a shared purpose. We at NFESH like to consider most of you who regularly read this blog as champions, because the majority of you have devoted yourselves and professional lives to addressing food insecurity among our nation’s seniors.

If, by now, you are wondering what all this has do with Major League Baseball, that’s no surprise. We are proud and pleased to share a story with you that demonstrates just what kind of life-supporting good can result when an innovative, generous and forward-thinking baseball professional collaborates with NFESH CEO Enid Borden and a local nonprofit for the purpose of addressing the real-world problem of senior hunger. . .To read more of this story click here: http://nfesh.org/blog/