New LBHS Alumni Field Will Commemorate 100th Anniversary of District

Schools and Libraries

October 8, 2013



As part of the Long Beach City School District’s 100th anniversary celebration, a special ceremony has been planned for the 2014 Homecoming weekend. The 100 Year Anniversary Committee met on the afternoon of Sept. 25 to discuss the details.

Long Beach High School students will play a special role in this celebration. Working under the mentorship of members of the 100 Year Anniversary Committee, students will be researching historical figures who have played a critical role in local politics, cultural affairs, business and education. They will write persuasive arguments, presenting their nominations to the Wall of Fame Committee in April 2014. The Wall of Fame Committee will in turn present the historical nominees to the Board of Education for final selection, together with the regular 2014 nominees.

The new multipurpose field at the high school, scheduled for completion in November 2013, will also play a major role in the celebration. The field, which will officially be named Alumni Field, will be the site of a special 100th anniversary commemorative Wall of Fame ceremony. The ceremony, which will take place on the Saturday of the 2014 Homecoming weekend, will include the induction of those historical figures who were nominated by students and selected by the board. The entrance to the field will be adorned with nameplates listing all of the people ever inducted into the Wall of Fame, including the historical figures. The ceremony will be open to all alumni and community residents. Special invitations will be sent to all past and present Wall of Fame inductees.