New Works by Renowned Cincinnati Artists Frank and Dianne McElwain - A Year and a Half in the Making

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October 20, 2014

Cincinnati, OH---The Eisele Gallery presents an exceptional collection of recent works by renowned Cincinnati artists Frank and Dianne McElwain.
Frank McElwain is known for the Official Cincinnati Bicentennial "Tall Stacks" painting and his vibrant oils reflecting Cincinnati's rich history. Much research has gone into his paintings concerning accuracy of architecture, transportation systems and fashion. His style is intended to allow one to enjoy a romantic, artistic and idealized view of a simpler time. He doesn't claim to be a historian but his work is undeniably poignant in depicting Cincinnati from 1890 to1925.
One of Frank's personal favorites in this exhibit is his painting "View From the Top". In his own words "I wanted to create a feeling of depth and going back in time. This painting provides such a comprehensive view of Government Square in the 1920's."
Frank has been presented numerous prestigious awards throughout his career however the most important award for him was receiving The Post-Corbett Finalist Award in 1988.
His wife, Dianne, is equally talented in her realistic botanical watercolors. Dianne McElwain's eye for detail and command of watercolor add to the accuracy of the subject being portrayed. All of her subjects are carefully researched and painted from live plants. Botanical Art is Science and Art coming together in a perfect union of creativity.
In this exhibit, Dianne's personal favorite is her delicate watercolor "Peony Bouquet" depicting the lush peonies in her garden enjoyed year after year. In her own words "The significance of my paintings is how delicate the petals are painted. The watercolor white is the white of the paper. Defining the outside of the petal to make it appear white when no white paint is used is captivating."
Like Frank, Dianne has been the recipient of numerous respected awards in her lifetime but the most important award she has received is The Diane Bouchier Founders Award for outstanding achievement in Botanical Art.
Roger Ward of Madeira has been a McElwain and McElwain collector for over 30 years. "When I look at their paintings, I am struck with the realization of how alive they are," Mr. Ward said. "Even the ones that I have owned for decades and see daily, I can spot something I have never seen. It is a peculiar experience to see a static entity consistently revealing something new."

Exhibition Dates - November 7th through December 5th, 2014

Opening Reception is Friday, November 7th, from 6 - 9pm. Visit with Frank and Dianne on Saturday, November 8th, from Noon - 3pm.

Location:  Eisele Gallery 5729 Dragon Way, Cincinnati, OH  45227 

Gallery Hours: Monday through Friday, 9AM -5:30PM Saturday, 10AM 3PM Sunday Closed

Admission: The Opening Reception and Exhibition at the Eisele Gallery are free.

Parking:  Ample free parking on site