News Release: Grassroots Groups to Rally for Liberty

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February 14, 2014

News Release:  February 14, 2014

    Several grassroots groups are set to gather on a large scale to "Rally for Liberty" against what is seen as growing Tyranny in America.  On Sunday, February 23, Day of Resistance Tulsa will host the Rally at the Green Country Event Center, 12000 E. 31st St., Tulsa, 1:00-4:00pm.

    For generations politicians, Republicans and Democrats, and unelected bureaucrats have been passing unconstitutional laws, but the last few decades these laws have become increasingly intrusive on our personal freedoms.  We are now spied on in our homes, on the internet, on streets, in malls.  We're groped at the airport.  We are misled by politicians and bureaucrats, fed propaganda by the media.  Our values, patriotism, and history are mocked, we are told our views are "out of the mainstream".  Many Americans cannot see a connection between what Washington does and what's important to them, and therefore no longer participate in politics. 

    The 2nd Amendment is now being challenged as never before.  Rally organizers believe our right to "keep and bear arms" is all that stands between preserving our Constitutional Rights and being powerless to defend ourselves against Tyrannical government edicts.

    It is time for Americans to put politics aside, unite, stand up and be heard.  It is time to remind ALL our elected officials and bureaucrats who they work for and demand that they abide by our Constitution.  Rally speakers include Senator Nathan Dahm, District #33; Charles Key, former 18-year Oklahoma Representative, 10th Amendment Center; Tim Gillespie, President of Oklahoma Second Amendment Association; Dist. 80 Rep. Dr. Mike Ritze;  and T.C. Ryan, Liberty on Tap.  Participating groups will speak about specific issues they are addressing, and will have booths at the event for more information.  Admission is free, the public is welcome.

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Day of Resistance Tulsa Contact:  James Miller