NV Dems Announce 2024 Delegation to Democratic National Convention in Chicago

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June 13, 2024

Nevada State Democratic Party released the complete list of Nevada’s 2024 national delegation:

The Nevada State Democratic Party is proud to announce a diverse slate of delegates that reflect the diversity of Nevada. All 49 of Nevada’s allotted delegates are pledged to President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris and the list is as follows: 

Automatic Delegates: 

Daniele Monroe-Moreno, NV Dems Chair

Daniel Corona, NV Dems Vice Chair

Catherine Cortez Masto, U.S Senator

Jacky Rosen, U.S Senator

Dina Titus, U.S House Representative

Susie Lee, U.S House Representative

Steven Horsford, U.S House Representative

Aaron Ford, Attorney General

Alex Goff, DNC Committeeperson 

Allison Stephens, DNC Committeeperson

Carolyn Salvador Avila, College Democrats of America National President

Artie Blanco, DNC appointed member

Sonja Whitten, DNC appointed member

At Large: 

Zach Zaragoza

Teresa Benitez-Thompson

Jay Maharjan

Leo Villalobos

Erik Jimenez

Rochelle Nguyen

Patricia Spearman 

Maritza E Rodriguez Soto 

*Wendy Jauregui Jackins

Party Leaders: 

Sandra Jauregui, Assemblywoman

Steve Yeager, Assembly Speaker

Dallas Harris, State Senator

Fabian Donate, State Senator

William McCurdy, County Commissioner

Congressional District 1: 

Donna West

Lesley Cohen

Carolyn Murray

Matt Kimball

Larry Wiederhorn

David Orentlicher

*Susan Benes

Congressional District 2: 

Lindsay Harmon

Teresa Melendez

Erica Roth

Cedric Williams

Aaron Sims

*Tim Hanifan

Congressional District 3: 

Valerie Migliore

Samantha Crunkilton 

Sophia Masewicz

Travis Brock

Tanner Hale

Henry Rosas Ibarra

Congressional District 4: 

Devika Bararia

Maura Shapiro 

Sherry Strothers

Ronnie Young

Andrew Sierra

Gary Fisher

Standing Committee: 

Carissa Snedeker, Standing Committee for Rules

Michelle Maese, Standing Committee for Credentials

Francisco Morales, Standing Committee for Platform

For delegate media requests contact [email protected] 

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