Organizing For Ohio Coordinated Campaign Launches Voter Access Volunteer Team to Protect Ohioans’ Right to Vote

Government and Politics

June 18, 2024

Columbus, OH – This week, the Organizing For Ohio coordinated campaign launched its voter access volunteer team to protect Ohioans’ right to vote ahead of November’s election. The voter access volunteer coalition will oversee a number of efforts – ranging from a voter protection hotline that Ohioans can call with questions, to poll observing on Election Day – to protect Ohioans’ voting rights.

Yesterday, Organizing For Ohio hosted a virtual kickoff with voter access volunteers and Senator Sherrod Brown to highlight the importance of this work.

“With so much at stake in Ohio in 2024 – from re-electing Sherrod Brown and our U.S. House candidates to flipping the Ohio Supreme Court and picking up seats in Ohio’s legislature – we are working hard to make sure every Ohioan can have their voice heard in our election,” said Ohio Democratic Party Chair Elizabeth Walters.

“Our voter access team will serve as the last line of defense for Ohio voters by protecting the right to vote and helping ensure every Ohioan’s voice is heard. We’re grateful to our volunteer team for giving their time and energy on behalf of Ohio voters with such high stakes in 2024,” said Mariah Gould, Organizing For Ohio Coordinated Campaign Director.

Ohioans interested in volunteering with “Organizing For Ohio” should sign up here.