Paper in Pieces, Larger Than Life: The Art of Avril Falgout

Arts and Entertainment

November 19, 2014

From: The Heritage Society

November 9, 2014−January 17, 2015

1868 Pillot House

Open by appointment only on Saturdays

As part of a regular house tour Tuesday−Friday

See a dozen of Avril Falgout’s expressive and unique sculpted figures of paper mache at The Heritage Society from November 6, 2014–January 17, 2015! Paper in Pieces, Larger Than Life: The Art of Avril Falgout will be on display in The Heritage Society historic Pillot House in a juxtaposition of 19th century period setting with contemporary artist interpreted figures.

Falgout’s general areas of interests, which are blended into all of her sculptures, include world culture, music and historical dress. Research in these areas often becomes her inspiration. One of the true hallmarks of Avril’s work is the expressiveness she is able to capture in the faces and through body language. The sculptures exhibit loneliness, humor, happiness and other basic human emotion. Avril’s emotive sculpture is further enhanced by a sense of motion and an acute attention to detail. 

Venue: The Heritage Society

1100 Bagby

Houston, TX 77002