Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce Micro Strategies to Parsippany

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April 11, 2015

From: Parsippany Area Chamber Of Commerce

Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome Micro Strategies to Parsippany.
PACC is giving all members an opportunity to introduce their business to the employees of Micro Strategies.
We will be producing a "welcome package" to give to the new 150 employees arriving to Parsippany on May 13.
If you would like to introduce your business to these employees, we will need 150 copies of your brochures, coupons, ot giveaways to be inserted into the latest PACC membership directory.
A coupon, a discount works wonders in bringing new visitors to your business.
If you are interested in participating, please email Frank Cahill at
We will need your flyers prior to April 30.
Micro Strategies is a Technology Company, with 150 employees, moving into the twin buildings of 1140 Parsippany Blvd. (They own both buildings and will occupy both buildings)  - their new building doesn't have a food service therefore we will be patronizing the local establishments regularly…
This is your opportunity to showcase your business.
Remember, you must be a PACC member is good standing to participate in this promotion.
Another member benefit of Parsippany Area Chamber of Commerce.