Patching Together a Quilt of Diversity

Schools and Libraries

January 28, 2014


            As part of their Diversity Day celebration, Lido School families in the Long Beach School District were invited to participate in a quilt project. Students were given a quilt square to decorate with a design representing their family's cultural heritage. After decorating their individual squares, they assembled them together to create a quilt celebrating all the diverse cultures that make up the Lido School family.

            On the days leading up to Diversity Day, which was celebrated throughout the district on Jan. 24, students used an acrostic of the word "diversity" to write poems inspired by the words different, individual, valuing, extraordinary, special, important, talents and yourself. Each day, classes were asked to create a four-line rhyming verse for a different word in the acrostic. On Diversity Day, classes gathered together to read their poems and form a bond of friendship as they celebrated the uniqueness of every member of the Lido School family.